10 Best Place For Buy Visa Gift Card Online

When you are thinking to present a gift to your dear ones, you are in the hesitation because your dear ones are a little bit choosy and it is so difficult to buy something for them. There are tons of tricky ideas on gifts and the visa gift card is one of the timely and relevant gift ideas. It is a prepaid card that is now a perfect and secure way of spending money online as shopping online is now an indispensable part of life. Truly the people in choosy nature will be so happy to buy visa gift card online and spend it on buying any item online.

There are different ranges of funds in the visa gift card and you can buy online and present it for any occasion. The use of gift cards is much easier, popular, and hassle-free and most of the renowned stores, restaurants, hotels and many other platforms accept visa gift cards as a mode of payment.

So, we are going into detail about the visa gift cards and truly you are going to know some best and trusted places where you can buy a visa gift card online. This article also has brought a deeper thought about the functionality, use, and scopes of the visa gift card. So, you go here to get a lot of ideas on where to buy a visa gift card online.


How Does a Visa Gift Card Work

A visa gift card is a non-reloadable prepaid card issued by any bank or store. People have to buy a visa gift card online which is loaded money initially. This visa gift card is highly considered as also an online wallet for the purpose of any purchase in the stores where this visa gift card is accepted.

In the United States of America, this visa gift card is most common and widely used to spend for online shopping, hotel reservation, and many more where the concerned store and purchase point have compatibility of accepting visa gift cards.

How Do I activate A Visa Gift Card Online

Generally, the visa gift card is activated when it is purchased. But this feature may vary in terms of visa card features. There are different features of the card-issuing vendors. When you are going to buy a visa gift card online, you may need to activate it at your own effort when the card is not activated after purchase. For this, you need to visit the activation link listed sticker on the front part of the card. You just land on this page and provide the required information to go activation.

In addition, there is a website of the card-issuing company where you may need to visit. It is important to read all information on the website regarding the visa gift card activation process. Part of this, the common things that come to you are that you have to register your card through filing a registration form on the website.

When you want to use this visa card online, registration is a must to make sure the retailers can easily link the card to a billing address. For this, You should submit your all information such as full name, address, date of birth, and social security number during the registration process. You must ensure the accuracy of information. Otherwise, you may have to face embarrassing situations such as canceling purchase orders.

How Long Does it Take For a Visa Gift Card to Activate

Normally there is no waiting time to activate a visa gift card. This process of activation is a little bit easy and may take one or two minutes. It means your gift card is ready to use when you activate it. But it can’t be guaranteed to get card activation instantly because different card issuing vendors may have a different waiting period after purchase.

In some cases, the activation time may be highest up to 48 hours or more. It is also important to note that you need to activate your card within the speculated time. Otherwise, your card may be deactivated from use. So, you need to know all terms and conditions of the activation and activation period.

Top 10 Best Places To Buy Visa Gift Cards Online

A visa gift card is just an amount of money and you need to be careful to buy visa gift cards when you are going online. Here are some best platforms where you can purchase visa gift cards to make sure you are in a trusted and authentic place. Additionally, you should go to a place where there are laxer terms and conditions about the activation and use of the visa gift cards.

1. Giftcards.com

GIftcards.com is the easiest place to buy a visa gift card and this card is issued by MetaBank. This is one of the trusted places where you just order online. This way you are going to get cashback which can recover some or all of the fees. The maximum virtual amount stands for $500. But one can’t buy as many as possible. This can be up to $2500. You have to pay $6.95 with shipping charge which may be either $1.99 per card or $7.45 for the whole order with tracking.

When you are going to buy this visa gift card, you will be provided a 4-digit PIN as a security feature. It is possible to change this PIN in case you want. It is important to note that you read the terms and conditions of this card issuing company in detail. You may be ceased to buy cards in case you have already bought too many cards within a shorter time.

2. Commerce Bank

A gift as virtual money is worth adding surprise to your friends and families. But it may be a little harder to buy this gift card. Truly commerce bank is beside you to offer you a visa gift card easily. Commerce Bank visa gift card can be used for the purchase or any spending purposes as an online wallet where this visa gift card is accepted. But you note that this visa card should be used only in the United States of America.

You can purchase a dollar amount from $25 to $1000 which can be ordered and purchased totally online. You will be charged a $4.99 fee per card as shipping fees. The mode of payment is that you may use a commerce bank credit card or commercial bank debit card. It is also important to let you know that the dollar amount will be safe or replaced even if the card is stolen or lost. The cardholder should register the card as activation.

3. GiftCardMall.com

GiftCardMall.com can be a safe and secure place to buy visa gift cards. It is so easy to buy this visa gift card online. The maximum value of the card stands at $500 and the shipping charge will be $5.95. There are two types of visa gift cards on this platform which are sold by incentiveCardLabs. This type of card does not have any PINS. But card sold by Meta Bank has PIN to keep the card secured and safe.

It is important to let you know that you can buy a larger order of visa cards from GiftCardMall.com. The shipping charge may be lower when you are going to get a larger order of visa gift cards.

4. Staples.com

Staple.com is known as a trusted place to sell gift cards and this gift card here is issued by Meta Bank. Staple.com can provide you gift cards up to $300 which is apparently a perfect dollar amount to offer for gift purposes. But it is possible to get a larger number of cards which may be up to $2000. When you are going to pay with Chase Ink Cash, the fee stands for $8.95. but you will be entitled to achieve a credit card category bonus. The visa gift card can be bought online easily and you will get your PIN number through email.

5. Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union can be a place for the retired and Veteran Navy personal, army, Marine corps, Airforce, and coast guard. These personals don’t have to visit any place because this site is applicable to those personals. Simply go to navyfederal.org to purchase gift cards. When you have purchased your gift card from here, you have to register the card to make sure you are safe and secured with your gift card. When you will lose your card, the fund will come back and be replaced after registration.

6. Egifter.com

Egifter.com is a trusted place where one can purchase eGift visa virtual cards for use in the United States of America. It is secure, convenient, and quick. You just get the card and fund available to use for the purchase at the shop or online. This card can be purchased through credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Amex Express, Skrill and Amazon Pay. Truly you can easily access it from the claim link in the gift notification which is sent by email. Then you follow the instruction in the email and easily get your gift card.

It is important to note that you can earn points with any purchase which can enable you to buy discounted or free gift cards in the future. So, don’t forget to share this gift card.

7. Wsecu.org

Wsecu.org is a platform named Washington State Employees Credit Union where it is easy to buy visa gift cards. It is a member-powered credit union that ensures unparalleled service. but the first requirement to buy from this organization is that you need to be a member and open a savings account starting from $5. The Members of the WSECU can easily buy visa Gift cards online or at any time through a debit or credit card. The denominations stand from $10 to $500. You need to pay a cash advance fee while purchasing this card.

After that, this card can be used for any purchase or gift purposes where the visa gift card is accepted. When you are going to buy this visa gift card, you just simply go online to activate this card and it is enough to be on the go. In addition, you may call 866.543.9161 for activation or any other problem you may face.

8. Amazon Visa Gift Card

You just go with Amazon for easy purchase of visa gift cards with laxer terms and conditions. Firstly, the card comes with non-reloadable features, and cards may be ready to use after shipping. In the United States of America, you feel confident to use this card for all points for the purpose of purchase but those points must accept this card payment.

The actual limit comes at $100 which may be good enough for the purpose of the gift to your loved ones. The purchaser needs to pay $5.95 as an activation fee at the time of purchase but it is a one-time fee. So, the total amount of this visa card stands for $105.95. you may use the balance after the expiry date. For this, you have to call customer service to obtain a free replacement card. You can pay via ACH enabled checking account. This requires you to provide the account number and bank routing number.

The card has special safety and security and it is your PIN number. You should not share card details such as claim code with someone you don’t trust. You need to be so careful about scams that may snatch your money from these Visa gift cards.

9. Vanilagift.com

Vanilla gift card is a prepaid card that can be another deal to be used for purchase especially Gas stations and convenience stores. The maximum value stands at $500 which is a really good deal to present a gift card or use for the spending in those areas. The card fee comes at $4.95 or $5.95.

This card is issued by Sutton Bank which is a member of the FDIC. There is a simple process to buy a Vanilla gift card and it is an online process. Additionally, this card is available at a retail location as well. You may purchase this card through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express or Discover credit cards which is also a cashless process to buy indeed. It means you are going totally virtual way to the spending of money.

It is important to note that when you are purchasing this card, it is going to be ready for use immediately. In addition, you may call toll free number and follow the instruction to activate the number.

10. Walmart

Truly you are having a problem making a decision for buying a gift card. Walmart can be a great place to purchase as it is a safe and secure place to buy. In this place, buying a gift card is much easier and happier. The maximum dollar amount can be purchased up to $3000 but there is no activation fee when you have purchased a gift card of $250.

For online purchases, you will be sent an email to activate the card when you have submitted your order by using your email. You have to be careful to secure your password so that this is not shared with someone whom you don’t trust.

Get Your Prepaid Visa Card by Instant Email Delivery

When you are going to purchase a prepaid visa card online, you need to pay from your prepaid card. In this way, you have to seek a secure mode of payment like this. After finishing the payment process, you will be sent a digital token code through email which can be used to redeem the most important information such as card number, security number, and expiry date. You may get more information on this issue from the customer care service provider.

Visa Gift Card Balance Check

Checking your visa gift card needs authentication with the card number and PIN code. Truly you have to get your PIN number when you have purchased your Visa gift card. The PIN or security code is located at the back of the card or this PIN code is generated after at the time of purchasing the card. You can also check the balance online in case retailers and restaurants allow it by calling the toll-free number located on the card.

Transfer Money From a Visa Card to Bank Account

Gift card balance can be transferred easily and there are a few steps that you have to follow. For this, you need to authorize the card and get a free app named Square. This app enables free transactions of funds. So, the first step is to install this app to make sure you can transfer funds easily.

Additionally, you have to link your bank account to the square to make the transferring process easy. There is a little fee charged by the square. In case the transfer is not possible, there may be policy violations. So before transferring the fund, you need to read the terms and conditions of the square thoroughly.

Add Money to a Visa Gift Card Online

Visa gift cards can be reloaded money online when the fund has been spent. This reloading process may vary on the vendor’s terms and conditions. But the simple process to reload or add money is that you need to check the back of the gift card where you may see the word “reload” card online.

Then it is sure that this visa gift card is compatible with adding money. So, you need to visit the website of the card-issuing company where there are all methods on how to add money to a visa gift card online.

When you have purchased the card in person such as from any store, this can be easier to add money. You just visit those stores and know the process of how to add money. Truly the customer care service provider is ready to help you complete this process.

Where I Use My Visa Gift Card

Visa gift card is an online wallet through which anything can be purchased through this card. But you need to make sure where this card can be used and how this card can be used. It is simple to know that the stores or any business place must let you know that the visa card is accepted as the payment mode.

Surely all the renowned stores such as Target, Walmart, Olive Garden, and many more accept Visa gift cards. When you are going to make any purchase online, then this card can be used so easily. It is also important to note that the Visa gift card is only used in the United States of America.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Visa gift card is a really awesome deal to go. But there are a lot of issues to know. We are going to answer some questions which will enhance your understanding of the visa gift card.

What Should I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?

The card may be stolen or missing anyhow. So, you don’t have to be worried and there are simple ways on what to do this, the gift card number is required to verify that you are the owner of the card. After that, you should go to the stores where you have purchased the gift card. The authorities will ask for required information such as name, address, social security number when you submitted in the registration process.

My Gift Card was declined. What Should I do?

When you want to link the visa gift card with a bank account, activation of the card is required. The truly inactive card is not going to be used for making any payment. So, you should check out your bank account with a visa gift card in case everything is okay. But generally, the card may be loaded money to make sure it is going to be activated automatically.

Is there an amount limit for a visa gift card?

There is an amount limit for a visa gift card and it may be different according to card-issuing vendors’ terms and conditions. For example, Visa vanilla gift cards can be easily loaded for any amount from $20-$500 up to $500 for every card with one time.

My visa gift card has no money, Should I Throw it away?

Generally, the visa card goes over after spending a fixed amount. There are different say about the visa card when it is designated for one-time use. Then the card can is overdrawn. But you need to take it to the stores where you purchased it. There may be any discount offer or other offers of the card that you might avail of from those stores.

How do I make a return with a Visa Gift card?

There are some ways you may make a return with a visa gift card. As part of this, you should go to stores where you purchased the card. So, you just purchase an item that may fulfill the gift card. They may return the item for a refund. This refund may be in cash in case you request them. Additionally, you may check out some gift card exchanges where you may be allowed to trade your cards. So, you just go simple research on it.

How do I use my visa gift card over the phone?

When the recipient gets a gift card and it can be used over the phone. So, the recipient may use eGift card online or over the phone. For this merchant, a brand gift card can be used in the stores. The user should print the code and set it on smartphone apps to make sure it can be used over the phone.

What Should I do if my Visa gift card is expired?

Cards are really awesome tool to go without cashless life but this is better until the expiration date. When you have funds but the card has reached its expiration date, you need to talk to the customer care service provider. The authority may ensure a new card to make sure you can use the fund again. For this, you don’t have to pay any additional cost.

Can I use my gift card at hotel/gas station/restaurant?

Yes, it is possible to use a gift card at a hotel/gas/restaurant but they must accept it as a mode of payment. Besides this, there are many gas station brands that offer gift cards for the drivers to make sure they can use the card for filling up your gas tank.

Can I pay a credit card with a Visa gift card?

Definitely, now we are doing everything virtually so all the stores and vendors are willing to accept money electronically. Surely the seller of the gift card will notify you of the mode of payment and you may feel ease paying the amount through a credit card.

Do visa gift cards work internationally?

It is a common notion that the visa gift card we have discussed is U.S. bound. But the feature of the visa gift card may also work internationally. Some banks may offer these cards and the PNC bank visa gift card is the most common. More importantly, you just search online and you must get more results on the international visa gift cards.

How do I use a vanilla gift card online?

Vanilla gift card is one of the popular cards and you just enjoy using this card. You should know how to use this card. So, you just swipe the card and make sure credit and sign the receipt. You note that this card can’t be used to withdraw money from the ATM.

Can I transfer money from a vanilla visa to a bank account?

Transferring money from a visa gift card to a bank account is a feature provided by the card-issuing company. You can also do that by following some steps. You just add your gift card balance to your PayPal wallet and then you feel at ease transferring money to your connected bank account. In the menu, there are options such as choosing transfer to the bank from the account menu.

How to use a visa gift card on Amazon?

There are a few steps to use a visa gift card on amazon. For this, you need to go to Amazon’s Reload your balance page and enter the expected amount on your visa gift card. But you have to sign in to your account. After that, you should edit in the payment method box and you click to be redirected to a new page where you have to add a card. Then you have to follow the steps to approve your visa gift card on Amazon.

How much does a visa gift card cost?

There is a fee to purchase a visa gift card but this fee is not much. The fee may depend on the shipping charge and amount of the gift card. For example, you may buy Walmart visa gift card worth $25 and you need to pay $3.44 as a purchase fee and $5.44 for a $200 gift card.

Which Visa gift card has no fees?

People may seek a visa gift card that has no fees. But there is no visa gift card that provides without activation or purchase fee. You may save some when you are purchasing a visa gift card on the basis of a discount. But you can’t avoid the entire amount of the purchase fee. You may get some platforms where you may get a visa card with no fees in case you refer to your friends and families.

How Can I get a free visa gift card?

There are some ways to get a free visa card. But there may be some conditions such as you have to refer your friends for service or gift card to get a visa gift card from the stores where your referred friends are going to buy a visa gift card. You may trade in your old electronics for a gift card at Target, Walmart, and more platforms where you may get a free visa gift card.

Can Visa gift cards expire and how do you check if the visa gift card is expired?

To check your visa gift card balance, you need to go to the visa gift card-issuing vendor’s website. There you can see the check balance tab at the bottom. You just enter your gift card number, expiration date, and 3-digit code on the back. In this way, you can know your balance.

Where is the expiration date on the visa gift card?

It is easy to know the expiration date of the visa gift card and you should make sure when your card is going to be expired. So, you just check the card and you will see the expiration date printed on the card.

Final Verdict

To sum up, visa gift card surely provides satisfaction because we don’t have to be worried about what to buy as a presentation. Surely this is the best option to present a gift. But you need to be tricky a little bit to buy a visa gift card because you may face hassle to activate the card. You always should choose the place where there is good customer care service and you can get this service whenever you need it. We have discussed some awesome platforms to let you know indeed.

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