Top Banks With No Credit Check To Open Account

In the modern world, it is very difficult to operate without a bank account. With a bank account, you are also able to pay your bills more conveniently and also help you develop a saving culture. However, if you have a checkered banking history, opening a bank account can prove to be a nightmare. Bad credit does wreak havoc such that you cannot operate a bank account which is not only costly but also inconvenient and unsafe.

However, if that is the case, worry not since there are solutions to this problem. One of them is to open an account with second chance banks which do not conduct credit check. This gives you a chance to bank the traditional way.

More often than not, banks obtain your bad credit report from companies that check your banking history. The main company which provides banks with your financial banking history is ChexSystems. Other institutions include Certegy, Early Warning Systems, and Telecheck.

Some of the issues that might lead a bank to deny you an account include overdrawn accounts, bounced checks, excessive withdraws, and other similar issues. However, all is not lost as there are numerous banks and credit unions which do not rely on these reports.

Below, you will learn how banks check bad credit, the options that you have when you have a bad credit history, some of the best second chance banks, and lastly what you can do to open an account with no check on financial history.

Without much ado, let’s get right into it.

How To Know Bad Credit Score to Open New Bank Account?

In order for banks to determine the kind of customer you are, they conduct financial background checks. At times, the results might not be very good which forces these banks to deny you a bank account.

But all is not lost if this is the case, you can repair your credit history and open an account with a bank that offers a second chance account.

Having said that you should also realize that there are a number of ways the banks use to determine your credit history. They may decide to run your credit history through credit bureaus. The three main bureaus include Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. They use these bureaus to check your credit score. Your credit scores are determined by how well you honor your financial obligations.

Banks Use a ChexSystems Report to Look At Your Banking History

In order to find out how your bank accounts perform. Banks will use other agencies and one of them is ChexSystems. This bureau uses your Social Security Number and with it, they scrutinize your entire financial history.

The system identifies any past financial transactions which might have negatively affected your account. These negative activities include freezes, overdrafts, and bad checks. This information is then reported to the banks by the organization.

Other factors that the banks look at when determining if you are eligible for a bank account are Cheque fraud, negative balances that have not been paid, and any excessive withdrawals. If they find any of the above, then the bank might deny you a bank account.

If you are in an unfortunate position and find yourself being denied an account, you have a few options.

Fix Your Past Banking Mistakes

If you find yourself in the position of being denied an account, you can try to fix the issues that caused the denial in the first place. Doing this will help you repair your credit history.

One of the ways to fix your past banking mistakes is to request the ChexSystems report. The report is important in that it will help you see exactly what the banks see and you will have an idea of how to fix these problems.

One of the issues that can make your bank account application refuse to go through is negative balances which include unpaid loans and overdrafts. If that is the case, you might enquire from your bank if you can repay these negative balances. Once they give you the green light to repay, request them to remove the negative report.

In most cases, ChexSystems keeps the majority of the negative reports for five years. Therefore, if you want to open an account and the five-year period is almost over, you can wait it out until the system drops off the negative report.

Looking for Banks That Don’t Conduct Your Credit Check Top Open An Account

There is good news, not every banks conduct a credit check before allowing you to open a bank account. These banks do not bother to check reports from credit history agencies like ChexSystems. If you have a tainted banking history, these banks offer you a lifeline as far as banking is concerned.

What’s more, it is possible to open an account online through online banks without a credit check. Some of these online banks do not require a minimum deposit; they have no minimum balance and no monthly fees.

One of the best online banks which offer these services is Chime. And oh, you can also get your paycheck as early as two days before your payday.

Bank Accounts for Bad Credit : Look for A Second Chance Bank Account

Being denied a chance to open a bank account the first time should not discourage you from trying a second time. All you have to do is ask the bank to reconsider your application.

At times, the bank might listen to you when you explain the circumstances which led to you having a bad credit score. You never know, give it a try and your bank might relent and open the account.

However, If That Does Not Work, Then Look for A Second Chance Bank Account.

It can be an uphill task to cleanse your banking history especially when you have a poor credit and banking history which gives you a poor credit score. However, there is hope you can use second chance banks to rebuild your financial history. But not all banks offer a chance to people who have had a checkered credit history.

Nevertheless, there are many banks in the US that allow customers who have a problematic credit history to open second chance accounts.  When choosing the bank that you want to open the second chance account, it is paramount to understand the terms and conditions of these banks.

Different banks charge different fees on these accounts, therefore, compare these fees to make the best decision. You do not want to end up with an account where you pay exorbitant fees.

There are considerable differences in second chance banks when it comes to ATM networks, account opening, maintenance and operating fees, and mobile banking fees. In most cases, these banks require account holders to have a high minimum balance ranging from $1000 to $1500 mainly to mitigate their risks. Other fees that might apply include foreign transaction fees at 3%, service fees from $7 to %10, and $35 as overdraft fees.

Before digging dip to the best banks to open an account with no credit check, let’s first understand all the requirements;

  • Personal documents like social security number, physical address, email address, and valid information for any existing joint account user.
  • Your valid state identification card.
  • Your passport.
  • Existing driving license.

Top 8 Banks With No Credit Check to Open Account Even With Bad Credit

Although you might have a checkered credit history, there are banks that give you a second chance. Here are some of them.


Clear Connect is the bank’s online checking account and anyone over 18 years is eligible to open the account. The second chance bank offers several services. They include:

  • No Monthly Charges: When you open an online checking account, you will not be charged any monthly service fees. Opening the account will only cost you $25. The BBVA has over 64,000 ATMs which is very convenient since you can access your cash anywhere. The bank is also available in other countries which makes it handy if you are traveling since you can easily get your cash. However, the account does not earn any interest.
  • Higher Online CDs Earnings: The bank offers higher interest on CDs than some other banks. Their CDs, however, have limited-term lengths. You will need a minimum of $500 to open a CD which is reasonable compared to the minimum requirements of other banks.
  • Banking Locations: The bank is found in 600 locations, although they are not as many as those of bigger banks, it is still a good number. You can find BBVA in Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Florida, and Colorado. The bank’s website does an amazing job of explaining the various types of fees and accounts which are available. To interact more with its customers, the bank has social media platforms including chat and Twitter. The bank’s mobile app is also superb and very interactive.
  • Overdraft Fees: The bank also offers overdraft services and charges an overdraft fee of $38. But if you are a Californian, you will pay $32.
  • Savings Account Interest Rate: The bank also has a savings account where you earn 0.05% per year. The minimum balance for this account is $0.01.

2. Bank of America

BOA checking account is known as a Safe Balance Banking Account. If you want an easy-to-operate account, then this is the best choice.

Although safe balance does not offer any check-writing privileges, there are other ways that you can use the account to pay people or businesses. You can use a debit card or also transact online where you can pay bills and make purchases.

Opening Balance: In order to get the account, you will need a minimum balance of $25. This is low compared to other second chance bank’s minimum balance requirements.

  • The bank charges a monthly service fee of $4.95.
  • The bank of America has thousands of ATMs all over the country which makes it easy to access your cash.
  • You also get a free Visa Debit Card
  • You can withdraw your cash free of charge from any Bank of America ATM
  • The bank also offers mobile check deposits

3. Chime Bank

Chime is one of the fastest-growing banks in America and for a good reason too. The bank is one of the best options if you want to get back into the American mainstream banking industry. The bank does not have a minimum balance, does not charge monthly service fees, neither does it have overdraft fees.

It gives you access to your direct deposit funds two days earlier than the competitors. The bank also encourages a saving culture by allowing customers to round off to the nearest dollar.

Advantages and Features of Chime Bank

  • The bank does not have monthly fees hidden or otherwise
  • You get automatic round-up savings which helps you save
  • It offers excellent banking services and has great facilities
  • It expedites direct deposits with two days.
  • It is completely online so its fees are low because they have overhead costs

3. One United Bank

You can get an account at One United bank if you live in Washington Dc, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Philadelphia, and Maryland. It is a second chance bank that does not consider ChexSystems report when opening an account for customers.

One Union Bank offers different account types which give you the option of choosing the one which best suits your needs.

Advantages and Features

  • Rates: One United bank has a saving account where you earn 0.20% per year while CD earns 0.90%. This is not the most competitive rate in the market although it is still a good return all things considered.
  • Does Not Have Any Monthly Service Fees: The bank does not any monthly fees and it is therefore very ideal if you are looking for an affordable account to operate. The bank does not charge ATM withdrawal fees unless you withdraw from an ATM in which the bank does not operate.
  • Service Quality: The banks offer excellent services in both its brick and mortar branches also through its interactive online website. The bank also has a mobile phone application which makes the banking experience easier and better. The bank has a high customer satisfaction index which means that they treat their customers well.

Products the Company Offers : 

  • The company has a savings and checking account
  • They also have certificates of deposit and money market accounts.
  • They do not charge any monthly balance
  • You get a free visa card,
  • Offer free online banking services
  • You can also get e-statements and mobile check deposits

4. Fifth Third Express Banking

One of the advantages of Fifth Third Express Bank is that you can use your Visa Debit Card to get access to your cash wherever you are through any Visa-enabled ATM at a reasonable price. The ATM card is a safe and convenient way of conducting your banking transactions especially when it comes to cash withdrawal. However, you cannot deposit cash or checks at the ATM. But, with the account, you do not need to pay any overdraft fees, do not have a monthly service charge, and also do not need any minimum balance.

Features and Advantages

  • No monthly fees
  • You do not need any minimum balance neither are you charged any overdraft fee
  • You cannot deposit cash or checks through the ATM. You can only do so at a physical branch of the bank.
  • Offers mobile deposits
  • Mobile and online banking facilities are also available.

5. Go Bank Online Checking

The Go Bank’s checking account is easy to operate but you will not earn any interest. With the bank, you will not get any overdraft facilities, however, if you make a direct deposit of $500 you will not pay monthly charges.

You get access to a wide ATM network since the bank has over 42,000 ATMs under the Go Bank network.

If you make deposits of at least $500 every month, you will avoid the $8.95 monthly fee.

It offers a money volt account. This account separates some cash from your checking account. Although it is not a saving account and does not earn interest, it enhances a saving culture.

You can have access to your paycheck as early as two days. If the check is from the government, then you can get your cash as early as four days.

If you want to get any help, then you can reach the bank through the customer care representatives either by phone, by snail mail, or on Twitter. The bank’s mobile app is top-notch and works very well on both Android and iOS.

6. American Credit Union

The American Credit Union is a bank that offers an open checking account without a credit check that is customer-friendly. It offers this checking account to members of the Armed Forces whether one is a reservist, retired or inactive duty, civilian personnel of the Armed Forces, and the relatives of the army or civil personnel. Some select employer groups also qualify to open an account with the bank.

Features and Advantages of America Credit Union Bank

  • You can get an offer and pay a fee of $8.95 when you make a deposit of $500 per month. Otherwise, you will pay $10.95 per month.
  • The bank does not require a minimum balance
  • You make free mobile and online deposits
  • You can make 10 free withdrawals from ATM which the bank does not own.
  • After 12 months of having less than 12 Non-Sufficient Funds, you can move to another type of checking account.

7. Barclays Online Savings

Barclays is a London -based bank that has over 48 million customers the world over. The bank offers online-only banking solutions in the USA. Barclay’s online offers great returns on Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and savings accounts. The bank does not offer a checking account. As earlier stated, it does not have any brick and motor branches as its services are completely online.

Barclays is a great bank if you want to build your savings. The company has low fees and high savings interest rate. You can set your online saving goals using a tool that the online platforms provide. The bank pays a rate of 1.5% APY. You do not pay any minimum balance and you are not charged any monthly fees.

If you have an issue and you need to contact customer service, then you can do so from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day Eastern Time. If you want to deposit a check, you can do so online. The bank’s website is mobile phone optimized and you can deposit your check through your phone. What’s more, the company has developed an app specifically for U.S customers.

8. Discover Online Banking Cashback Debit

If you want to experience one of the best online banking, you should try Discover Bank. With the bank checking account, it is possible to earn your cashback when you make purchases using your debit card. The bank has no physical branches but that should not be an issue since you can access your cash from the more than 60,000 ATMs that the bank operates.

What’s more, withdrawal from the ATM is also free. There is no minimum deposit and no monthly fees either.

Features and Advantages

When you make purchases of up to $3000 per month using your debit card, the bank will pay you $1. you have the potential to earn up to $30 which amounts to$360 per year. Such an offer is usually attached to credit but not debit cards. You can redeem your bonus as cash through your money market account, as a credit to your discover debit, or as cash in your savings account.

Get your cash from as many as 60,000 ATMs all across the country.

When you have a checking account with the bank, then it is possible to make withdrawals free of charge from Money Pass and All point ATMs all over the country.

Pay Your Fees Online

The bank makes it super easy to pay your bills. Once you enroll in the online utility payment program, you can pay insurance premiums, loan payments, and utilities. You can even pay your friends and relatives using your bank account.

You can make these payments through the account either once or continuously.

How to Find Other Second Chance Account?

If you want more second chance accounts, then you might have to do some more research. One place to start is by checking out bad credit bank accounts and second chance banking which the local credit union or bank might be offering. When looking for a second chance account, go for an institution that aims at creating a lasting and beneficial relationship with its customers.

Credit unions are a perfect place to search for second chance accounts. Their fees are usually lower than those of banks and they also offer more flexible terms.

Be Careful of Overdrafts With Your New Account

To avoid the mistakes of the past, it is important to avoid overdrafts with the new account. It is easy to check your bank activity since most of the financial institutions which offer second chance accounts have apps and online access which will give you updates on your account performance.

Most second chance banking accounts are not free. However, the financial institutions will give you a chance to upgrade to a free account. This is, however, possible only if you manage your account well for 12 consecutive months.

The financial institutions do monitor the new accounts closely. If you must operate with overdrafts, then make sure that you have an account that has an overdraft line of credit or one that has overdraft protection.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Banks Run a Credit Check to Open a Checking Account?

Although major banks do run credit checks, not all banks run credit check for open an account. In fact, some do not even require a deposit in order for a person to open an account. There are a number of banks that offer second chance banking and do not rely on credit reports offered by agencies like ChexSystems. Some of these banks and unions include

  • BBVA
  • Bank of America
  • Chime Ban
  • One United Bank
  • Fifth Third Express Banking, among others

What is ChexSystems

A Chex System collects and reports any customer’s banking misdeeds. The report usually goes back for five years. A ChexSystems report usually has the following information.

  • Your personal information including your name, past addresses and Social Security Number
  • Negative balances which you have not paid, these might include overdrafts, and accounts that were closed involuntarily.
  • Any suspected fraudulent activity
  • Any applications of other bank accounts
  • Any unpaid fees

How many days does it take to open a bank account?

The answer is that it depends. The time it takes to open an account differs since it depends on whether you are doing it online or face to face. Face-to-face transactions do take a bit of time since you might have to the waiting line. As for online account opening, it might take as little as 10-15 minutes.

However, it might take one or two days for the bank or credit union to process your information and issue you with your account number.

To receive your debit card, you might have to wait for up to 10 days.

What Are Online Banks Only

Simply put, online-only banks are those that do not have brick and motor branches. These banks allow you to carry out all your transactions exclusively online. Due to the lower overhead costs, these online banks usually have lower fees and higher returns.

Most customers are quite satisfied with the experience that they get with online banks.

Do the Banks Report for Deposit Accounts?

Yes, according to the law, any deposits that exceed $10000 are reported to the government. The regulations for cash deposit reports are set by the Bank Secrecy Act. The act is also known as the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act. The main purpose of the act is to prevent criminal activities especially money laundering.

Final Thoughts

A checkered financial history can be a scary thing once you realize that you cannot operate an account. A bank account is very important since it makes life way much easier. With one, you can pay your utilities, insurance, mortgage, and meet other financial obligations.

An account also helps you develop a saving culture. Do not forget also that when your money is in the bank, you get much better sleep as opposed to it being stashed somewhere- the bank ensures the safety of your money.

However, at times you might have a problematic financial history which might prove to be a hindrance to you opening a bank account. Before banks open a bank account for you, they go through your financial history to find out about your financial behavior. They get this information from institutions like ChexSystems.

If you have a checkered past, they might refuse to open the account. But there is good news, there are ways that you can get back into the banking system. You might try to explain to the bank the circumstances that led to your checkered past and they might decide to reconsider their decision and open your bank account.

The second option is to rectify your financial mistakes. If you have an overdraft or other fees that you have not cleared, you can call your bank and enquire if you can clear your financial obligations. If they agree, you can request them to withdraw your negative financial report.

The other option is to open an account with a second chance bank. These banks allow you to open an account even if you have a checkered past. They do not rely on your past financial reports. There are quite a few in the market as highlighted above. Therefore, before choosing the bank to open an account with, it is prudent you check out their terms and conditions first.

We believe that you are now wiser on what you should do should you need an account and yet you do not have a stellar banking or credit history.

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