How Can You Transfer Money From Reliacard To Bank Account

In the United States of America, the government considers the needy or unemployed citizens by giving them allowances or benefits to ease their needs. Through unemployment departments, the government relays unemployment compensation or child support payments to users through the US bank. To get these benefits, you have to sign up. After, you should decide your preferred method of receiving the allowances. Some prefer to get paid direct to their account. The second method is payment through reliacard.

Therefore, a reliacard is a type of prepaid debit card that is meant to help agencies to disburse unemployment benefits to qualified citizens. Here, recipients receive money faster and safer. So, can you transfer money from reliacard to bank account? Yes. After receiving money in your card, you can easily transfer them to your bank account to save, pay bills or increase your loan accessibility. To know more about transferring money from reliacard to bank account, read through to the end.

How Do You Receive Your Reliacard?

Reliacard works by providing an electronic option to receive payment from government agencies. Although not a real credit card, it works similar to one by helping you to pay bills, withdraw cash or transfer money to banks account. From the card, you can receive your payments bi-weekly depending with your state. After receiving your payments, you can either withdraw via ATM, over your bank counter or directly send to bank account. The card also withdraws the need to line up in banks by helping you make instant payments in physical stores, groceries, restaurants or online stores.

To get the card, you should fill an application form. The form should be filled accurately for verification. To fill the form, you should provide details like first and last name, your city, state, and zip Code, date of birth, social security number, signature, and date of application, email address and physical address. After approval, you will get your card within 10 days via postal service on the physical address provided during application.

How Do You Activate Your Reliacard?

Unless the card is activated, it’s rendered useless. Therefore, you should first activate before using it. Normally, the card arrives in a blank white window envelope with an instruction manual inside. The manual comes with the following:

  • An U-S bank privacy pledge
  • Visa purchases security guide to benefits
  • A welcome brochure
  • Cardholder agreements
  • Card activation instructions

Therefore, follow those instructions step by step and activate your card. Below are the instructions:

  • Visit reliacard website
  • Select and tap ‘ activate card’’
  • Create a password and activate your card.

How Do You Transfer Money From Reliacard To Bank Account?

In most cases, prepaid debit card allows you to transfer money directly into your bank account. Others require you to use third party to transfer money to bank account. Luckily, reliacard is among prepaid debit cards that allow direct money transfer to bank accounts. Once you receive your card and activate it, you can go ahead and transfer money to your account. As long as you have linked the card to your bank account, the transfer process is easy and seamless. Since the card is manageable online, you can successfully link it and transfer money online. Below is the transfer process;

  • From your browser, visit and sign in
  • On the screen’s top bar, click ‘’manage money’’
  • Select ‘’ card to bank transfer’’
  • Select your bank account
  • Enter your bank account routing and account number
  • Enter amount of money to transfer.
  • Go through to review the information
  • Transfer your money and wait for the amount to reflect in the account.

Why Should You Choose A Reliacard?

Reliacard is worth as it comes with a number of benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • It is time conservative: The card eliminates the need to queue in banks after receiving your benefits. With the card, you can withdraw funds from ATM, pay bills, buy goods and services online and pay instantly.
  • It is safe: The card eliminates the need to carry huge amount of money and avoid robbery risks. You can use the card and access little money at a time from ATMs instead of carrying cash.
  • It saves on cost: These cards eliminate the use of pay checks which come with huge processing charges. This helps to save you some money
  • Helps to curb your spending: Users of this card get regular statements through email or mobile number. These statements help to trace and curb your spending habit.
  • It has cash backs: When you use the card to make purchases and pay bills on restaurants, online stores or medical facilities, you get cash back benefits.


How long does it take to transfer money from reliacard to bank account?

The actual time to directly send money from reliacard to bank account depends with your bank. However, since it’s an ACH transfer, it is likely to take 3 to 5 days to complete the direct transfer.

How should I replace my lost reliacard?

In case you damaged or lost your card, you should call 855-282-6161 to replace your card. After, the system will ask for mobile number associated with the card. You will also be asked to key in the last for digits of your card number followed by reasons behind your replacement. After, your card will be replaced.

How can I pay bills with my reliacard?

Besides sending money to bank account, reliacard also allows you to pay bills in an easy and straightforward way. To do this, visit and tap ‘’manage money’’. Next. Tap ‘’pay bills’’ and select the payee. Enter the amount to pay, date of payment, preview and click ‘’ pay bills’’.

How should I keep my reliacard secure?

Fraudsters are on the rise. Therefore, you should always keep your card secure to avoid losing some money. To do so, always keep your card’s pin secure and discreet. Also, don’t expose your card’s information to unreliable sites to as they can easily steal and misuse your details. Finally, you should immediately report your lost card to customer care to block it from external users.

Final Word

Reliacard is an US bank card that is issued to help recipient’s receive unemployment benefits. The card allows you to conduct a number of transactions. From paying bills to withdrawing money, there are a lot of transactions conducted by this card. Additionally, the card allows you to send money directly to bank account through the process described above. However, you should always remember to keep your card safe. Don’t share your pin and avoid several pin attempts to avoid blocking your card. By following these measurements, you are ensured a safe and secure transfer of money from your reliacard to bank account. You will also keep your card and money safe.

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