How Do I Check Darden Gift Card Balance

Whether creating a joyful moment or celebrating your precious day with your dear one, Darden’s restaurants should be one of the best dining destinations for you. Darden comes with a full dining service at more than 1800 locations in the USA with multiple culinary innovations and excursions. This multi-brand restaurant chain offers full-service dining including Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Season 52, Yard House, etc. 

Darden always focuses on food lover’s appetites with extended services across all 50 states. Their great customer service is always warming and more attractive than any other restaurant. They start with a warm welcome, an excellent gesture, a soothing environment, a plethora of delicious menus, and some other exceptional facilities for customers including gift cards. This gift card comes with attractive features and customer-friendly facilities which is popular among food lovers. 

No matter the occasion, the Darden gift card will allow you to get your favorite meal either in the restaurants or take out. Here we will let you know about the Darden gift card and balance and the process of how to check your Darden gift card balance. Darden features some popular brands of full dining service where the gift card will let you enjoy your favorite meal. 

Darden Gift Cards

This is the card that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite restaurants and dishes! Yes, you could get the facility of multiple restaurants on one card. Darden Restaurant Inc. is the world’s largest full-service restaurants company. Here are some offers you should consider while choosing to take a card. 

  • eGift cards : eGift cards mean electronic gift cards. They will send it to your email address. After uploading to your mobile wallet you will receive a bonus of 10% of your order but you will have to spend more than 500$ to receive this offer. 
  • Traditional Gift Card : There is a variety of features while choosing gift cards. All the cards come with free shipments. Receive a bonus gift card and receive a 10% waiver on your order but you must order over 500$. It takes around two working days to reach your hand. Sometimes shipment may delay due to unwanted situations. 
  • Customized gift Cards : They offer this interesting facility where you can gift someone with a memorable photo on it at only 3$ per card. The shipping time will be around 4 business days. A customized gift with your favorite photo comes at a reasonable price and helps to surprise your dear one. 
  • Dinner and movie : Are you planning for the most enjoyable memory with your loved one? Then buy dinner and a movie card that can provide you a perfect night. This fantastic feature is available at 25$ Darden eGift card and 25$ Fandango eGift card. 
  • Corporate gift card program : Get additional discounts and benefits for bulk orders. The corporate gift card program allows service especially for sales conferences, company meetings, recognizing employees, and other bulk purposes.

How to Check the Balance of Your Darden Gift Card?

As a Darden customer, you always need to check your Gift card balance. Unfortunately, many of us get confused while checking balance for lack of knowledge. There are some ways to check your current balance of the Darden gift card. There is no need for ATM or Bank, you have 3 simple options to check your Darden gift card balance.

  • By local store
  • By customer service,
  • Check the balance from website

Check balance at the local store

You may visit any of Darden restaurants and ask them to check your gift card current balance. Use zip code and State name to know your nearest location where you can access your gift card information. Visit the location immediately before it gets expired.

Check balance with customer services

To know your gift card balance instantly, just call the Darden customer care number which is 800-642-7336 (Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.). Tell them your Darden gift card number and other details and ask about your balance statement. Darden always maintains excellent customer service which will make the investigation easier for you. Besides the balance you also have to keep in mind the validity which sometimes we forget. In that case, call the number back and the company will inform you about validity.

Check balance with website

There are 16 digits gift card numbers, you can enter them online to check your balance. You will have this number at the back of your card. Enter the number at authorized websites. Even you can ask at, where you can put your comment. You will be able to know exactly how much you can spend.

Additional information

  • The Darden gift cards are not auto-reloadable. If the card is depleted, it will not be valid to use without renewing again. To reload the card you must contact customer care. 
  • You must check which restaurant is suitable to use the card. 
  • Some famous restaurants in the US including Olive Garden, Capital Grill, Season 52, Eddie V, and others are allowed to use this card. 
  • Usually, older gift card recipients will notice the Red lobster brand logo on it. Then these cards are still usable at Red Lobster. 
  • To activate your card, enter 16 digit numbers, after activation you will register and update your current data such as name and address. 
  • For the visa virtual eGift, use the activation code in the email and follow the instruction

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you use Darden gift Cards?

Darden gift card is a smart payment method that you can use at your local restaurants if they are listed. There is a list of Darden restaurants. To find your nearest one just check them online. Various customized gift programs are available, find the reasonable and convenient one as your requirement.

Can I give someone this card as a gift?

Now it’s a usual tradition to provide someone with a Darden gift card as a special gift. It can be a perfect present because the person can choose wherever he or she wants to use it. If the balance is not sufficient then add some bucks to make the dinner hassle-free.

Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

It’s a cool chance from Darden’s that you can exchange the gift card for cash anytime. If you wish to use cash instead of a gift card in a future visit to the restaurant or want to stop using it, then this exchange offer is really helpful for you.

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