How To Design Your Own Prepaid Debit Card

It has been the norm of financial institutions to try and out-do each other when it comes to attracting customers. Most of the financial institution’s debit cards have the same capabilities and features. Therefore, to set themselves apart from the competition, many financial institutions including banks and credit unions give their customers the chance to customize design their prepaid debit card.

As such, as a customer, you can have the image of their favorite pet, holiday spot or any image you fancy on your prepaid debit card. Below is a highlight of some of the financial institutions and prepaid cards that will allow you to customize your debit card.

Best 8 Options For Customize Design Your Own Prepaid Debit Card

1. Netspend Prepaid Cards

You have an opportunity to show off your artistic side with Netspend custom prepaid debit cards. The process of coming up with the custom created debit card is also pretty easy. All you need to do is pick the photo of your choice and upload it to Picture Card Creator which is found in the Online Account Center.

You can choose a photo of your family, vacation spots or a selfie. The advantage of using a selfie, or a photo of yourself is that it adds an extra layer of security to your card.

2. Prepaid Visa Card

Another prepaid debit card that you can custom design is the Prepaid Debit Visa Card. One of the greatest advantages of the visa card is that you can use it anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Apart from the personification, the card has other benefits which include:

  • Free withdrawal at all Money Pass or All point ATM machines.
  • It is impossible to accrue overdraft fees
  • It is very easy to apply and receive your card

Additionally, reloading the Visa card is pretty simple as all you need to do is setting up a direct deposit. You can also recharge it using a Recharge Card.

3. Pacific Service Credit Union

With Pacific Service Credit Union, it is possible to personalize your prepaid card by having the photo of your pet, your favorite vacation destination, or even a selfie put on your prepaid debit card. The process of designing your own prepaid debit card is simple and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is upload the picture that you want to put on the card. You can also choose any photo from the Credit Union’s gallery.

You do not have to worry about the eligibility of your current non customized card as you can use it until you receive the new customized card. Additionally, neither your PIN, account number or expiration date will change. These details will remain the same. You can expect to receive your personalized card in the mail 7 to 10 days from the application date.

4. Bank OZK

Bank OZK is one of the financial institutions which offer very customized services to their customers. As such, the bank has created a reputation for being one of the best banks in the US. The financial institution allows you to design your own prepaid debit card.

The bank believes that your debit card should be as unique as you are and as a result give you a chance to be by providing custom made debit cards. It is possible to customize your Bank OZK Debit Card with any images that you so like.

To give you more diversity, the bank allows you to either upload a personal image or choose from the bank’s style cards. The personal images can be of pets, your personal image or friends- anything to make the card have that personal touch.

5. M&T Bank Custom Cards

The M&T bank started their debit card personal design move in 2012 where customers could have their cards designed to their liking. With the bank, it is possible to use the custom card design studio or you can also use pre made designs or come up with your own designs. If you have a cute pet, or anything that you would want to have on your card, then you can use it as the design of your card. The bank also has more than 270 images from which you can choose. These images include:

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Miles the Monster
  • Baltimore Ravens among another images

If you want to have one of the custom prepaid cards from the bank, you will be charged $7.95. You can either choose to have your custom image or the bank’s approved images cover the whole face of the card or the image can be placed on the upper right-hand of your debit card.

6. Old National Bank

The other bank which offers personalized prepaid cards is the Old National Bank. With the bank, you have three options of designing your own debit cards.

The tree options include:

  • Your Image– here you choose o upload your favorite image
  • Your Identity– here, you can upload your photo. This also acts as an extra security feature
  • Your Idea– with this option, you can create your own idea.

When it comes to fees, the bank charges an annual fee of $15 dollars for the “My Image Card” and for the “My Identity Card”. Server side group is the company which provides the bank with the card customization software which makes the card customization process very easy.

7. Wells Fargo Card Design

With Wells Fargo, it is possible to customize both your credit and debit cards. The cards can also be either business or personal. Just like with the above banks, you can either use your personal images or you can choose from the images which the bank already has.

However, with a Wells Fargo prepaid card, you can only cover 2/3 of the card with the image while the other 1/3 is reserved for the bank’s logo. For your designs, you will have to give the bank at least two days to review your design, if it is approved, they will send the prepaid debit cards in your mail within 5 to 7 seven business days

8. TruWest Credit Union

If you become TruWest Credit Union customer, then you get a free customized My Choice Debit Card. If you already have a prepaid card from the bank, you can customize it with as little as $5.

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Final Recap

Having a prepaid debit card is a great financial step. The card enables you to move around with large sums of money without worrying about security. More good news is that you can design your prepaid debit card to show your personality.

The process of personalizing your prepaid debit card is equally simple. You can either choose to have your personal images or the card provider can provide the images. In whichever case – a personalized prepaid debit card looks pretty awesome.

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