Does Walmart Cash Checks on Sunday

Are you looking for a place to cash your check at an odd hour or days? You should consider doing so at Walmart. This is because it is an alternative to banks when it comes to cashing checks. By cash your checks at Walmart there, you can trust that you will enjoy a lot of conveniences as you can do so outside the regular banking hours including Sunday.

This means that you can even cash your check in the evening and you will be good to go. You do not need to have access to your bank for you to cash the check at Walmart. Besides this, you can cash almost all types of checks at a small fee. This has actually made it very popular among many people out there.

Check Cashing At Walmart On Sunday

Yes. In fact, you can cash out your check-in at Walmart any day any time. Sometimes, you might wish to cash your check on a Sunday. This is because you might have an emergency where you need urgent money to mitigate a certain situation. Other times, you might just want to clear your normal bills and you do not have the luxury to wait until Monday. Therefore, you can visit your nearest Walmart Supercenter and cash your checks on a Sunday.

Here, you can cash your check any time you please as they offer these services 24/7. However, there are places where operations for cashing check ends at 11 p.m daily. This happens in just a few of their branches.

Therefore, depending on your Walmart branch, you can readily cash your check at any time, any day. Since some close at 11 p.m, while others run 24/7, it is up to you to know the branch where you want to do your transactions on Sunday.

The good news is that you can get this information online and on all their social media platforms. Here, you will know which branch operates half-day and which one operates 24/7. After all, all you want is more convenience. If you find one that operates 24/7, you will be good to go.

Types Of Checks Cash At Walmart on Sunday

There are several types of checks that you can cash at Walmart. Some of these checks that you can cash during the normal store hours include:

  • Payroll checks
  • Tax refund checks
  • 401(k) or retirement distribution checks
  • Government checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Pre-printed checks
  • Business checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • MoneyGram money orders purchase at Walmart
  • Two-party personal checks
  • Out-of-state checks

Walmart Limits For Checks Cashing

Yes. You will note that the limit for most checks here will be up to $5000. However, from January to April, the limit is usually $7500.This period is commonly known as the tax season. The limit for two-party personal checks is normally $200.

Also, it is important to note that customers who are cashing checks here are limited to three transactions per day. In addition, individual stores might have a lower limit. Therefore there is needed to make inquiries before bringing in large checks.

The Check Fees Charged At Walmart

Once you visit your nearest Walmart branch to cash your check, you will be charged a certain fee. This fee depends on the amount you want to cash. For instance, checks up to $1000 will be charged a fee of $4. Checks between $1001 to $5,000 attract a fee of $8.

Also, two-party checks usually carry a maximum fee of $6 and a cash limit of $200.It is also important to note that the maximum limit when it comes to cashing checks is $5000. However, between January and April, you can readily cash checks up to $7500.

The Process To Cash My Checks At Walmart on Sunday

As you purpose to cash your check at Walmart on Sunday, it is important that you know the process involved so that you can avoid future inconveniences. First and foremost, they usually accept only cash printed checks. If you have a handwritten check, it will not be accepted.

Besides this, you should ensure that you have an original ID or passport. Better still, you can use a social security number and you will be good to go. Finally, it is important to note that some checks might be delayed or rejected. Since Walmart is not a bank, you should be a bit patient and take note of all the checks policies so as to avert issues such as rejected or delayed checks.

At most of their locations, your check will be processed electronically through TeleCheck. This is basically a check acceptance company. You will note that only a few Walmart stores usually use Certegy, which is also a check authorizing service.

Here, your check will be read by a scanning machine. Therefore, you should ensure that your check does not have wrinkles or tears. Also, you should ensure that the check does not have smudges near the numbers at the bottom of the check, lest it will be denied.

Both Certegy and TeleCheck normally use the information present on your check. This includes:

  • Routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Amount of transaction
  • Your ID number

This information will determine whether your check will be approved or denied. How this information is compared to all checks that have passed through the system will determine the decision made. For instance, your check can be denied if at all you have not cashed enough checks for the verification system.

Can I Dispute In Case My Checks Get Denied At Walmart?

There are instances that your check can get denied at Walmart. If this happens, there is nothing that they can do at that particular time. However, you will be given a receipt showing TeleCheck’s contact information. You can readily use this information to seek further assistance.

On the other hand, if Certegy declined your check, Walmart cannot override that decision. Instead, you should request your file from Certegy by mail, phone, or fax. If by any chance you find that the information in the file is not correct, you can go ahead and dispute it with Certegy.

Besides Handwritten Checks, Which Other Checks Cannot Be Cashed At Walmart?

Apart from handwritten checks, the following are checks that cannot be cashed at Walmart. They include:

  • Starter checks
  • Savings bond checks
  • Personal checks
  • Third-party checks
  • Altered checks
  • Post-dated checks.
  • Checks that are more than 180 days old.

Should I Purchase Walmart Checkbooks?

Yes. To avert problems with check cashing, you should consider buying Walmart checkbooks. Since Walmart is not a bank, you should consider using other checks. However, their employees can readily use the checkbooks. It is important that you ensure that you buy the original Walmart checkbooks to prevent check rejection.

Does Walmart Offer Coupons For Cashing A Check?

Yes. Just like any other noble organization, Walmart usually offers coupons to its esteemed customers. This is actually a good way to attract new customers and make them remain loyal to it.

Although coupons are available to all customers, it is important to note that there are some conditions that you have to meet. For instance, you have to buy goods worth above $100 and have your check printed. This will make you enjoy a 5% offer on all the goods you have bought.

Contact Walmart Checks Customer Service

Sometimes, you might have issues with your check and you have to cash it. If you find yourself in this situation, you can readily contact customer service through a phone call or through Walmart website.

If you choose to call customer care on phone, you should call 1-866-925-2432. On the other hand, you can visit and reach out to the customer service team more effectively. The good news is that you can call the customer service team 24/7.

The Advantages Of Cashing Checks At Walmart

There are many advantages of cashing your check at Walmart. To start with, you will have an option to get your money in cash or even load them onto your Walmart MoneyCard. This flexibility makes it ideal for many users out there. The fees charged to cash the checks are relatively lower compared to other places such as banks.

Since Walmart is a one-stop retail store, you can be sure that all your needs will be well taken care of. Besides this, it operates even on odd hours. This means that you will be at liberty to cash your check even at night. Such is very different when it comes to banks as you have to visit the bank during the day.

As a result, Walmart has proved to be a very good choice for many customers out there. Finally, it has many branches out there. Here, you will have an opportunity to cash your check from any of these locations more conveniently.

Walmart MoneyCard

Once the cashier has approved your ID, authorized your check, and paid the check-cashing fee, you will have two options for receiving your money. These include:

  • You can take the cash immediately
  • Load some money onto a Walmart MoneyCard.

A Walmart MoneyCard is basically a prepaid Visa debit card that you can readily use anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. One benefit of having this card is that your money will be safe as you will not have to walk around carrying large amounts of money. This can greatly help you enjoy a lot of conveniences.

Besides this, you will only be able to spend what you have loaded onto the card. Therefore, there will be no chance of getting into debt unnecessarily. Finally, once you cash a check at Walmart and then load it onto the card, you will not be charged the reload fee. It is actually waived for you.

Process To Get A Walmart Moneycard

For you to get this card, you can apply for it in-store and if it is approved, you will receive it and start using it. However, you have to pay $3 set-up fee. Better still, you can request one online.

All you need to do is to visit and then request one. Once you receive it in the mail, you can hand the card to the cashier for him or her to load it with money. By doing this, you will not pay the initial $3 set-up fee.

People Also Asks

Can I cash my checks at Walmart on sunday without an ID?

No. You will note that having an ID is one of the prerequisites that customers should have to have his or her check cashed.

Can I cash my checks at Walmart on sunday with a passport?

Yes. However, only U.S passports are allowed. Besides this, you might have to provide your social security number.

Is it possible to cash my checks at Walmart at Sunday midnight?

Yes. You can go ahead and cash your check at midnight as long as your outlet operates 24/7. It is possible to get services even during odd hours.

Will I cash my checks at Walmart on Sunday?

Yes. However, it is important that you check with your nearest Walmart outlets if they offer these services at odd hours.

Can I cash a personal check at Walmart?

No. Walmart offers different types of personal checks like cashier’s checks, government checks, insurance settlement checks, and payroll checks. However, it does not offer or accept personal checks.

Can I Cash A Fake Check At Walmart?

No. If you have a fake check, you will not be able to cash it at any Walmart outlet. In fact, by presenting a fake check, you risk being arrested by the relevant authorities. Some of the features the company pays attention to including the validity of the check, the ID number among other details.

Final Recap

If you are looking for an incredible way to cash your checks on Sunday, you should not look further as Walmart is the ultimate solution for you. Here you will be able to cash your check even at midnight. In addition, you will have a chance to load the money onto your Walmart Money Card. This makes it an incredible service for those who like convenience. What is surprising is that you can even cash your check on Sunday. Consider Walmart today and you will be a happy client.

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