10 Best Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

Getting good furniture for the house is everyone’s desire. However, good furniture isn’t easy to acquire as it may cost you a fortune. This is even difficult for people undergoing hard economic times. In this regard, different furniture stores introduced various purchase plans to tap the market. One of those methods is the use of credit cards. Unfortunately, this method mostly favors people with good credit history. Those with bad credit ratings are left out and thus may looking for easy credit approval furniture stores offer.

However, there are a few stores that do not consider people’s credit history to give you furniture on credit. These will approve your purchase without scrutinizing your credit history. In this review, we bring you a list of the 10 best furniture stores with the easiest credit approval. If you want to furnish your house and bad credit has been your undoing, you can take advantage of these stores. Most of them have branches spreading across several US states; so, probably you have a branch even in your state or city that you can just walk into for these services.

However, before committing yourself to these bad credit furniture financing approval stores, you need to take precautions. One read all their terms and conditions, the payment plan and ensure you follow them to the letter. A small breach of the agreement can lead you to serious economic jeopardy including being auctioned. Other downsides include being listed negatively with the credit bureau which will definitely affect your credit rating.

Top 10 Best Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

1. Furniture 7 (Ashley Store)

Ashley is among the top manufacturers and suppliers of aristocratic furniture in the world. Their products include sofas, beds, sections, and dining sets. They supply these products to approximately 6,000 small business retailers in more than 200 countries.

Their credit program gives everyone an opportunity to own their top-notch products without much struggle. They have different payment plans ranging from a week, month, and even year. The good thing is that they do not check your credit history as long as you commit to adhere to the payment plan. Therefore, if you are stuck on furnishing your home because of bad credit history wait no more. Ashley store can award you up to $3000 worth of furniture without any interest. If necessary, they also send their interior designers to assess your room for furniture recommendation.

2. Darvin Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

Don’t let economic hard times or bad credit history deny you the luxury of a well-furnished house. The Darvin’s stores no credit program can sort you without any background check on your credit history. What are the requirements? Simple All you have to do is give them your personal identifying documents and details. These include the government-issued photo ID, bank account details, checking account and you must be above 18 years old.

They have 0%APR for 60 months and this presents a good opportunity to get your dream furniture. What Darvin does is that they’ll pay for whatever furniture you need and then lease it to you. You will then be required to repay the amount in installments for a specific duration as agreed. Additionally, if you maintain payment discipline you can qualify for promotional offers as time goes by. To apply for the Darvin credit program, just fill in their online application form and get an instant response. You can also fill the application at your nearest store.

3. Big Lots Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

Whether with a bad or no credit history at all, you can depend on Big Lots for furniture financing assistance. They have many financial assistance methods other than the credit system. The company offers quality furniture which has been reflected by the many positive customer reviews.

Big Lots have their own credit card which they process almost instantly. With this card, if you post good ratings you’re assured of great services with the store. You can walk into any of their stores and get the furniture of your choice. Their services are also both online and on local branches spread across the United States.

4. Bob’s Discount Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

When you are suffering a financial dent and cannot afford a deposit for your furniture, Bob’s discount furniture store has got you covered. The store allows you to save with them for some time and qualify for credit purchases.

They have several payments plans which give you the freedom to choose the one that suits you best. To get started on purchase process, visit their store with the application form and you’ll be guided on what to do.

5. Hank’s Fine Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

This is a top furniture center with several stores across the USA. One of their major strengths is their wide acceptance of credit cards. It includes the master card, visa, Discover, and American express. Hank offers occasional promotion that benefits their loyal customers. For example, currently, they have an offer in which people clearing their debts before 2022 will not pay interest charges. They also approve your application within the shortest time once submitted.

Here your options are smart sale and lease options. This is in the event if you don’t what to buy your furniture on credit. The Hank furniture will finance you and get your desired furniture then repay them within the agreed time.

6. Value City Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

Value City Furniture has some flexible payment options. Basically, their options do not necessarily require credit. The first is known as the rent-to-own opportunity. This is where you are given the furniture to pay within at least three months period. The other option is price locking; here you book a product at a certain price to get it at a later date but at the same cost.

In case you want to go the credit way, you can as well apply through their website. You are entitled to 0% interest rates if you clear your bill within 12 months. Otherwise, you may be forced to pay higher charges of up to 29%APR for the new accounts.

7. Rooms to Go Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

Rooms- to- go is another easy credit approval furniture store. If you want to finance your furniture through them, you can sign up for their credit card with 0% APR. You won’t be charged any annual fee. How this store has its downside of not offering any bonus to new subscribers. However, you are entitled to 180 days different payment allowance whenever you purchase from their furniture stores. The other probable fees you may pay include the $15 for late payment and $25 for a returned payment.

As of now, the Rooms to go APR stands at 27.74%. You also don’t have to make any down payment nor interest for a period of five years. For people with Synchrony checking bank account, it is very easy to acquire this card. This is because the same bank controls the credit card thus; you’re guaranteed faster access to the service.

8. City Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

City furniture isn’t only about furniture only but other home accents and mattresses. The company has continued to help people without sufficient funds to furnish their homes with quality furniture since 1994. The development of digital platforms has only strengthened them further. If you have a credit card, you stand to enjoy great services in the market. If your credit is approved you are entitled to 0% interest rate as long as you pay your monthly bills on time.

Their credit card allows you to access a whole year of deferred interest. The application and approval of the card is also an easy process as it is entirely online. It takes a couple of days and you are good to begin your purchase with their credit card no matter the status of your credit score.

9. Ethan Allen Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

This is like a global furniture store with their products being sold within and outside the U.S in the European countries. There’s no debate about the quality of their products as most customer reviews suggest they are satisfied. If you wish to purchase their furniture with a credit card, Ethan Allen officials will only check for deferred payments. It’s the only reason the store can decline your credit purchase. Therefore, whether you have a poor credit history or you don’t have any, you can purchase their furniture.

For qualifying applicants, the approval takes very short time; actually, you can get your order on the same day. The Ethan Allen credit card is also another easy option instead of using other cards. Their card is easy to acquire and comes with several offers and promotions.

10. Pier 1 Imports City Furniture Stores With Easy Credit Approval

Pier 1 offers great credit card rewards and their credit approval rating is very easy to go about. The APR percentage isn’t constant across all markets but mostly revolves around 29%. You can also avoid the interest rate charged for late payments by ensuring you make your payments on time. There is also a charge for returned payment which is also avoidable. Minimizing such costs will guarantee you getting your dream furniture at a considerably lower cost.

For both returned and late payments, the charges surge up to $39 which is way too high. Pier 1 doesn’t consider your bad credit background as well when approving your application. However, the approval process may take a bit longer if you have a poor credit score.

Alternatives In-store Furniture Credit

There are several options you can use to acquire whatever type of furniture you need in your home. It doesn’t matter how bad your credit history is, you have all the furniture stores above and their related approval financial plans. You can pick the one that you feel best fits you.

On the other hand, instead of settling for in-store credit, you have the option of borrowing finances from elsewhere to shop wherever you want. These are companies that will give you money with a certain percentage of interest to buy your furniture or even spent it on other things. Let’s look at some of the most popular money lenders who can bail you out even with bad credit scores.


Money-Mutual can give you up to $2,500 short loan. They have an online portal where you submit your application and approved it within minutes. The company has a large customer base of approximately 2,000,000 people. This number justifies the trust customers have in their services which is a good thing when choosing a financier. Therefore, if you need furniture within this cost range, you can apply for the Money Mutual short loan and receive it within 24 hours. The major downside with Money Mutual is that it doesn’t offer its services in New York and CT.


You can apply from $500 up to $10,000 at an affordable interest rate. The CashUSA.com interest rates range 5.99% to 35.99%. Therefore, you can apply this loan not only for furniture but also for other purposes at your home. If you are successful, you receive the cash in your account within a short period. The good thing is that you don’t have to be shy if you have poor credit score since CashUSA accepts all credit types. If you successfully get this loan, you can repay it back within 3 to 72 months depending on the agreement.


You can get a short-term loan worth $1,000 even with a bad credit score with the Cash Advance. All this happens within a matter of minutes and this it’s a good thing as you don’t have to wait for days. However, anyone aspiring to take this loan should be careful with the high-interest rates and the short repayment schedule thereafter.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person with bad credit get furniture financing?

Yes. The financing can be in form of a loan from an independent lender or furniture stores them. There are several furniture stores that won’t scrutinize your bad credit history or will just give it a blind eye. Examples of such stores include Ashley, Darvin, and Big Lots among others.

Is renting a furniture a good idea?

It depends on the circumstances surrounding the need for the furniture. If you don’t need the items for your permanent house, renting can be a good idea. It will save you the transportation hustle when moving out of the house. However, if you need the furnishings for your home, purchasing is the best option.

What is the credit score threshold for Ashley Furniture financing?

Ashley Furniture financing allows people with all sorts of credit scores. Therefore, even people with zero credit ratings can apply and get up to $3000 financing.

Is financing furniture a good idea?

All that furniture shops achieve through the whole financing idea is selling their products at inflated cost. Unless you don’t have an alternative, you should avoid these financing plans as they are ploy to overcharge you. However, if you are in a financial fix and you really need the furniture, the financing is an absolutely awesome plan.

What is 0% auto financing and how does it work?

0% auto financing is a method of financing in which you receive funds at no interest attached at all. You pay the exact amount of money as would be paid by a cash buyer. This method of financing is popular among car dealers with some furniture stores borrowing it. In this case, you get furniture at the same cost as a cash buyer but spread over a given period of time.


With all these options, no one should live in an unfurnished house because of long procedural credit approvals. If the option of in-store credit doesn’t convince you, you can opt to borrow money from lenders to purchase your desired furniture. You’ll however realize that working with the stores themselves can be better as you continue to build your credit history.

As long as you clear all your dues on time, you also end up paying very little or nothing in form of interest. Unlike with the lenders who are in interest business and no matter what you do you must pay the interest.

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