How To Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance

Macy’s is a fashion and luxury store. Talk of clothes, this is the best place you can get the best of them. It has been able to serve a good number of customers from the United States of America. Through its good services and customer satisfaction, it has expanded its services to a relatively large population. They have ensured that marketing is well done digitally and even through social media platforms.

Apart from selling clothes, they also sell beauty products, shoes, beddings and also furniture. Despite this, they have a team of customer care that is always there for you as a customer to answer all the questions that you might be having concerning Macy’s gift card balance.

How To Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance

It is always good to check on your gift card balance. Just as we budget on how much we are going to spend on our shopping; the same should always happen with gift cards. Checking on your balance helps you know how much you have remained with and if you need to top up more. Below is a discussion on the three Major ways in which you can check your balance;

Checking the Balance Online

You might not be in a position to take yourself to the physical Macy’s stores. The stores may also be far from your residence. This will not limit you from checking your balance. Therefore, Macy’s gives its customers a chance to check their cards balance online. Below is how to go about it;

You will have to visit their site at On the payment page; you will choose the gift cards option which is located at the right side of the payment sector. You will be thereafter required to enter the card number which is located at the back of your card. There are other two or three digits that you will be required to give out. These digits are located at the back of the card but you will have to scratch them. Once you are done, you will be required to scan your card. Remember that your security code must have been scratched otherwise you will not be able to see your balance.

It should be noted that the CID number or the three or four digits should not be disclosed to other people to avoid fraud issues.

Checking Balance Through Visiting Macy’s Stores

Another convenient way of checking your balance is through visiting any of the Macy’s stores near you. On visiting their stores, they will scan your gift card at a price scanner. You will therefore to know your balance. All this will be made possible only if the code at the back is scratched.

Checking Balance Through Calling

Mobile phones have made the way of communication easy. They have also saved our time. Therefore, to ease the work, you can call the customer care team through 1-8-511-2752. They will demand your card number and of course your CID number. They will thereafter feed your details into their computers. Once they are done, you will get your balance right away.

Important Information, If You Don’t Have A Macy’s Gift Card

A Macy’s gift card is, therefore, a passport for shopping to both the retailers and merchandise levels. All you need to surprise your friends or even your family is by possessing a Macy’s gift card. It is important to note that in any case, you want to gift your card to your friends or family, you will be required to top the cards up with some money. These cards are more convenient and secure to carry around. Do you need to know your Macy’s gift balance? You are absolutely in the right place. In our discussion below, you will get to know more about Macy’s gift cards and how to check the balance.

The Macy’s Gift cards can be used to do some shopping at the Macy’s online stores or even at any of their merchandise.

Where Do You Get A Macy’s Gift Card?

Acquiring a Macy’s gift card is so easy. All you need is to visit Macy’s website, the footer, select “Apply for Macy’s credit card.” Thereafter, you will be required to fill in all the other fields required then review their terms and conditions. On the approval, you will be free to shop at any of the Macy’s stores near you and enjoy your new account discount.

You can also buy Macy’s gift cards online using a debit or credit card. Thirdly, you can purchase the gift card directly from their Macy’s stores.

How Do You Activate Your Macy’s Gift Card?

You cannot be able to purchase anything with your card if it is not activated. Therefore, this means that having a gift card that is not activated is the same as not having it. This is because a deactivated card cannot help you. You can either activate it online or through the cashier. Below is a procedure that you should follow so as to activate your gift card;

  • Click the ‘Macy’s Credit Card’ at the Macy’s website so as to gain access
  • Click on the button written,” Activate Card”
  • Submit your information through the ‘Macy’s Credit Card Verification. You can then begin shopping.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can one exchange Macy’s gift card with cash?

The answer is no. The Macy’s gift card can only be used for shopping at the Macy’s stores whether online or offline.

Are there any restrictions on who can buy the Macy’s Gift Cards from their website?

Yes, there are restrictions on who can purchase a Macy’s gift card. Not just everyone can purchase a Macy’s gift card. People who are allowed to purchase Macy’s gift cards are residents from the United States who are at the age of 18 years old and above.

Do Macy’s Gift cards expire?

Most of them do not have expiry dates. Otherwise; you can visit their terms and conditions. Despite this, you will not be required to pay any fee.

What happens if someone makes a copy of my Macy’s gift card?

Firstly, you should safeguard your gift card. If in any case someone makes a copy of your card and uses all the funds, your copy will have no worth. This is because the value of your card will have been used.

What Macy’s gift cards can one purchase?

There are different packages concerning the same. Below are some;

  • 25$ Macy’s gift card
  • 50$ Macy’s gift card
  • 100$ Macy’s gift card
  • 250$ Macy’s gift card

How much cash can one earn on their Macy’s Gift cards?

Below is an illustration of how much cash one can earn from their Macy’s gift cards;

  • With the 25$ and 50$ Macy’s gift cards, you can earn up to 2.50%
  • On the other hand, the 100$ and 250$,you can earn up to 3.00%

How can I save money when shopping at Macy’s?

The best time to shop at Macy’s is only during the friends and family sale. During this time, you will be able to shop at discounts.

If this time does not find you, then there is another better option for you. You can use Macy’s coupon codes. Visit Here, you will get to meet the best savings during your shopping.

How do I check my balance on my Macy’s gift card?

Checking your balance is as easy as purchasing your Macy’s gift card. You can either check your balance online through www.macy’, visiting their stores, or even through calling customer care through 1-8-511-2752. These are the only three ways through which you can enquire about your Macy’s gift card balance.

How do I redeem my Macy’s gift card?

One cannot stay with Macy’s gift cards without redeeming them. They are redeemed, checked the balance, and topped up.

This can be made possible by visiting their stores physically, whereby after shopping you produce your Macy’s gift card just like any other credit or debit card, or by visiting their site online and clicking ‘Apply gift card’ at the payment method. You will thereafter apply the fifteen-digit code and the CID digits that are located at the back of your card.

Are there some brands that are exempted from Macy’s coupons?

Yes, there are some deals that are exempted from Macy’s coupons. They include; super buys, everyday values, doorbusters, and other specials that are sold on other special days.

Is there a discount for a new user?

The answer is yes. Just like any other business, Macy’s customers are well taken care of. Once you successfully log into your account or open it, you will be given a discount.


Macy’s gift cards are so efficient. They are also convenient to carry around as compared to money. It is easy for the money to get lost but not to Macy’s gift card. In addition to this, there are discounts for new accounts. Once you purchase a new Macy’s gift card, you shop with a discount. Don’t you think that this is all you need? Despite this, you can gift them to your family members or even friends. In case you are not sure what to buy for your loved ones, send them the Macy’s gift card.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you.

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