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Talbots is an American leading specialty store for women’s clothing, including shoes, beauty accessories, and other products. Since its first outlet in 1947, Talbots has grown tremendously due to its customer-centered mode of operation. The company has a robust customer care desk working 24/7/365, making it a desirable partner for shopping. The company runs its operations both online and retail. The retail shops spreading across various states account for approximately 80% of the business operations. 20% involves online and catalog operations.

In the bid to enhance customer convenience and simplify the transactions, Talbots introduced their customized credit card processed by Comenity Bank. The credit card allows Talbots’ loyalists and customers to enjoy the large subsidized prices and rewards. Additionally, the card promotes the culture of the cashless economy which is the trend in the current market. However, unlike most credit cards, Talbots’ isn’t connected to major payment plans like Visa or MasterCard. If you are interested in this card, we will give you all the crucial information you may need to start your journey.

Talbots Online Account Access –

Login To Talbots Credit Card – Manage Accounts & Make Payments

Talbots Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number:

Talbots Credit Card Payment Address

  • Talbots — Comenity Bank, P.O. Box 659811, San Antonio, TX 78265-9111
  • Website: www.talbots.com
  • Talbots Credit Card Info: www.talbots.com/creditcard

Features of Talbots Credit Card


Basically, this is Talbot’s store-specific card for rewarding its customers and availing of special offers. With it, you are guaranteed 1 point for every $1 you spent. Once you accumulate up to 500 points, you can redeem them for $25 to shopping.

There is also a birthday gift, in which case you receive 15% off for all your purchases on your birthday. If you are a fan of birthday bulk shopping, this is the right choice. The Card is full of awesome rewards. Others include the 5% bonus offer during semiannual clearance sales. These are events with special offers at all Talbot’s stores.

Reports to Multiple Credit Bureaus

Talbots reports to multiple credit reporting agencies, including; Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. This is advantageous if you want to improve or grow your credit score. Making timely payments will easily have a positive impact on your credit rating.


Talbots Credit card doesn’t have many charges if you pay your dues on time. It doesn’t have an annual maintenance fee. However, it has very high penalty charges for late payment or returned payment amounting to $39.

How to Apply for Talbots Credit Card

  • Navigate to the Comenity Bank website and locate the Talbots application tab.
How to Apply for Talbots Credit Card
  • Click on the Apply Now button and proceed to the next page.
  • On the new page with various types of cards, locate the credit card option and click on the Apply Now tab. The other cards you will see on this page are the credit card premiere and loyalty card.
How to Apply for Talbots Credit Card-2
  • After starting the application process, the terms and conditions page will pop up first. Read the details keenly; if you are okay with them, accept, and continue.
  • Provide your personal details such as social security number, names, address, and your annual income.
  • After filling in your details, there is an option to provide an alternative person who can make purchases with your card. If any, Click YES and provide their information too.
  • Click on continue to complete and submit your application.
  • Wait for your account to be approved. The approval may take a couple of days to be approved, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t get an instant response.

After application, your account may be approved or declined. In case of a decline, you have an option to turn it around and get your card. Talbots, in partnership with Credit Glory, have the mechanisms to repair your credit score. They remove inconsistencies and fraudulent negative items from your profile. Therefore, if your application is declined, don’t give up; try correcting your credit score by contacting Credit Glory.

How to Manage Talbots Credit Card

If your application goes through, you need to log in to your online account to manage your Talbot credit card. The following are the steps to follow so that you can access your account center;

  • Go to the Comenity website.
  • On the left side of the page, you’ll see the login form.
  • Fill in your user name and password that you created when during the application.
How to Manage Talbot Credit Card
  • Click on the sign-in button. It will launch the account management page. Before signing in, you can also save your login credentials by clicking on the remember me radio button. However, it is recommended not to save your details on a browser for security purposes, especially if the network is shared like in a cyber cafe.

How to Make Payments From Talbots Credit Card

It is essential to clear your bills on time to avoid hefty penalties. There are four main ways you can pay your Talbots credit card bills. These are online, via phone call, at a Talbots store, or by mail.


Probably, this is the widely used method of the four. One, because it doesn’t you to spent anything apart from a few bucks for internet connection. To make your payment online, log in to your account and follow the steps below;

  • Go to your account online payments.
  • Select the amount you would want to pay
  • Fill in your Bank account information from which you want to pay the funds from
  • Submit the payment form for processing. The amount will be deducted from your account and paid to the controller Bank, which is Comenity.

Via a phone call

You can call Talbots customer care to make payment for your credit card at any time. Their toll number is (800) 225-8204. You can request to talk to a human representative or use the automated system. If you want to transact with a human agent, you can call on weekdays at any time between 8 am to 9 pm. At night, a robust automated system takes over and can guide you through the payment procedure to the end. Whether talking to an agent or an automated system, this is an effective and convenient method since you don’t have to be physically present.

At Talbots stores

In case there is a Talbots store within your neighborhood, or you are planning a trip to one, you can make the payment there too. All you need to do is drop your credit card to the cashier with a secret password. The cashiers will guide you on what to do to complete your payment process. Even if you don’t know any location with a Talbots store, you can use the online locator to locate the nearest store.

Via Mail

Talbot’s credit cards are controlled and managed by Comenity Bank. Therefore, you can simply mail your payment to the bank and clear your bill. Send your payment in the form of a parcel indicating your account details, and the rest will be sorted. The Comenity bank address is;

Talbots Credit Card
P.O. Box 659617
San Antonio, TX, 78265-9617.

Advantages of Talbots Credit Card

Good customer care

Excellent customer service is one of the greatest strengths of Talbot’s credit cards. Other than their 24/7 customer care service system, the reps are very friendly. Whenever you call with any problems, the respondents will be ready to offer you any form of assistance you may need. This is why you find some customers keeping this card for years as their issues are sorted as they arise.

Multiple rewards

Talbots features a variety of rewards and bonuses. For example, the birthday bonus of 15% offs your shopping. You are also awarded 1 point for every $1 you spent, which you can redeem after the points hit 500 for $25. Basically, with Talbots credit card, your loyalty pays.

No annual charges

Unlike most standard banks’ credit cards, Talbots doesn’t charge-standing annual fees or maintenance costs for your account. Whether you use your card or not, the annual fee is a must. This is not the case with Talbots, and that’s a plus.

Promotion information

If you sign up for Talbot’s monthly e-newspaper, you’ll receive direct emails. Some have exclusive access to sneak peek offers, as well as later deals in the Talbots stores. This information is essential to plan your future shopping capitalizing on the offers and bonuses.

Clearance sales

These are occasional events held in Talbots stores throughout the year. All products go at a lower price during this time, and as a Talbots credit cardholder, you’re privy to such information. So, you can be the first in line and get the best selection before anyone else. Additionally, you are entitled to the 5% off bonus during the Talbots semiannual Red Hanger Clearance.

Promotion to premiere Talbots card

If you demonstrate that you are responsible enough by paying your credit card bills on time, you earn a promotion to the premier. The promotion will add you to the scope of benefits and features you can access with the Talbots credit card. This is very customer-friendly, unlike some cards that you’ll have to pay for promotions. A good example of such card is Amazon. You can ask for this provision once you have faithfully used the card for a couple of months. The premiere card, for instance, lifts the shipping cost off your shoulders. It will help you to save the points that you would have otherwise spent on shipping.

High approval chances

Talbots credit card doesn’t demand too high a credit score. For people with good to, a fair credit score will be approved. A credit score of 650 to 850 is acceptable. In some instances, even people with 550 credit score have had their applications processed.


  • The card isn’t connected with major payment platforms like MasterCard or visa. Therefore, it can only be used in Talbots stores.
  • Does not have the customer signup bonus
  • Doesn’t include cashback rewards. The cardholders only receive points that are not for every purchase but only when the cost reaches $1.


Where can I use Talbots credit card?

Talbots credit card is a property of Talbots and issued by Comenity bank. The card can only be used to make purchases in Talbots stores.

How easy is it to manage Talbots credit card?

Talbots has a mobile credit card app that you can use to manage your transactions. This enhances convenience as well as boosting the security of your account.

What is the threshold credit score to qualify for a Talbots credit card?

Talbots doesn’t set the minimum credit score for their credit card applicants. However, 650 or a fair credit score is mostly the acceptable minimum. There have been instances, though, in which people with as low as 500 got approved.

What should I do if my Talbots credit card is stolen?

The first thing you should do if your credit card is stolen, report it to the card operator to block it. To report a lost card, call the hotline number 1-800-225-8204. No one will be able to transact with it, thus securing your account.

Where can I pay for the Talbots credit card?

There are different ways to suffice your Talbots credit card bills. You can pay through the online portal, at the Talbots stores, via a phone call, or by mailing the payment to Comenity Bank.

Does Talbots credit card offer free shipping?

Yes, although this is only for the members with classic premiere status. Also, the cardholders must be within the USA or Canada. You should also satisfy other terms and conditions as required.

Final Recap

If you are looking for a credit card that will give you great offers and deals without charging you insane fees, Talbots Credit card is the deal. Even though it is not accepted in all stores, this card’s benefits are great. Talbots credit cards can be a great addition to your shopping bag, with the world migrating to a cashless economy.

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