8 Best Place For Order Personal Checks

The use of checks for day to day financial transactions has reduced significantly thanks to peer-to-peer payment platforms like PayPal and other similar apps. But, the use of checks is not extinct yet as some people and businesses still prefer to receive payment through checks. For this reason, you might find yourself in need to restock. Thankfully, it is possible to order checks from multiple entities. You might decide to buy from your bank although they do sell checks at a higher price. To order personal checks online, through the mail, or from stores like Wal-Mart is a great alternative you can use to restock your checks.

Therefore, let us dig right into it and explore the options you have when it comes to buying checks.

What Information Do You Need to Order a Personal Checks Online?

Before you can order a personal checks online, there are some documents or information that you will need. The good news though is that getting this information is quite easy since it is readily available. The importance of this information is to help the banks know where and to whom the check is to be paid. If any of this information is missing, it will be impossible for the bank to pay out the check.

Below is the information that you need to order a personal check online.

  • Bank routing number: A bank routing number is a number that identifies the bank to which the money is being withdrawn. Each bank has a unique routing number.
  • Account number: The account number like the routing number identifies the account from which the money is coming from.
  • Check number: Each check has a unique number used to identify it, the number is found at the top right corner and is usually a three- or four-digit number.
  • Personal information: Your checks should include your name and at times your address. This information is also printed at the top left corner of the check.
  • Bank contact information: The last piece of documentation that you will need is one which shows your bank’s phone number and address. This information should be printed just below where your contact information is located.

Please note, in order for your check to be acceptable, it is important to have the check number, routing and account number printed in MICR format. This format allows the check scanners to authenticate the check by reading and verifying the numbers.

If you get stuck on where to get the information above, you can simply call your bank for assistance. However, the above information is readily available on your check.

Top 8 Best Place To Order A Personal Checks Online

As earlier stated, it is possible to order your checks online without any problem. However, it is also possible to get your checks from your bank since the checkbook has a form you can use to order more checks from your bank. However, this is one of the most expensive ways to get your checks because some banks charge as much as 30 cents per check.

Some banks though like Discover give their customers checks for free. Bank of America also gives its customers free checks. However, you have to be a premium checking customer to enjoy this facility.

The good news though is that you can get checks at a cheaper price from other places. Some of these entities include Sam’s Club, Costco, and Wal-Mart.

You can also order a personal checks online from entities like Checks in the Mail, Vista print, and Checks Unlimited. You can also get checks with designs and photos if you like but they usually cost more.

1. Checks in the Mail

One of the best places to buy checks online is from Checks in the Mail. The platform offers a wide selection of check styles and also has awesome pricing. To get even greater discounts, use a coupon code which you can easily find on the site. You can have a lot of discounts especially if you are a new customer.

The lowest-priced checks retail at $9.99 for a box of 100 checks. These checks have sports and floral designs. On the website, you will find the lowest price at $4.99 but this is the price of 25 checks only. You also get a pack of 100 checks at a price of $20. Note that you will find Snoopy and Disney characters on these checks.

2. Walmart Checks

Wal-Mart is a store that has made a name for itself as a company that offers great prices. The same case applies to checks and you will find great discounts at the store. It is possible to get character and movie branded checks.

At Wal-Mart, you will get a box of 150 checks at $8.46. The price is inclusive of shipping. You might choose Disney Land themed checks, or Marvel themed checks, Star Wars themed checks, or Star Trek themed checks. Themed and plain checks cost the same.

The preferred checks are the customized ones that can have your favorite photo on them. They cost $16.46 for a box containing 150 checks.

3. Bradford Exchange

The company has been in the check selling business for long and has therefore created a positive reputation. The entity is well known for having a very wide range of selection in terms of designs. It has over 800 exclusive designs.

The company has checks which depict American patriotism, Disney themed checks and Sports themed checks. You can also get checks which are 70% cheaper than those of the banks. Branded checks are a bit expensive but those with pet images, artworks, religious themes, and other generic designs are quite cheap.

A box at Bradford Exchange has 120 checks and two boxes will cost you $6.99 for single checks. This translates to $0.0291 per check. For duplicate checks, you get 100 checks per box. Two boxes will cost you $8.49 which brings the cost of a single check to $0.0425.

4. Vista Print

You can also have your check printed and one of the best check printing entities is Vista print. Vista print is well known for printing very pocket-friendly business cards but the company is also a powerhouse when it comes to checks.

You can get a book of 25 checks for $4. You might also opt to get 150 checks for a price of $14. The company however does not have a lot of options when it comes to design but the few choices it offers are fairly priced.

You can get two boxes of 150 checks at a cost of $18.74 which translates to $0.0625 per check. If you want duplicate checks, the cost of two boxes of 150 checks per box is $20 which translates to 0.0687 per check.

If you have an issue with your checks, then it is possible to get help from a customer care representative and it will only take you 53 seconds to get through to one.

5. Costco Checks

Costco is a company that has interests in a lot of ventures. The company sells a wide range of appliances from electronics, tires, eyeglass frames, jewelry, electronics, golf clubs, chicken, and other similar appliances. And yes, they also do sell checks.

The company works in partnership with Harland Clarke Check Printing. One of the best features of the company is that it offers high-quality checks. The price of the checks includes the shipping fee. If you are an Executive Member, you will save an additional 20%.

The company is known for its high-security checks.

6. Sam’s Club Checks

Sam’s Club Checks is also another great place to get your checks. The company makes it quite simple for its members to get their checks. The company mails the checks to the address that has been indicated on the check. This adds security to the whole process.

You can get two boxes of 240 checks at a cost of $13.20 which translates to $0.0275 per check. If you want duplicate checks, the cost of two boxes of 180 checks per box is $13.96 which translates to 0.0388 per check.

At Sam’s Club, like many other platforms on this review, you order your checks online. It takes 6 minutes to fill in the order form on the platform and you will have to wait for 8 days before you receive your checks on the mail.

When it comes to customer service, the company is very responsive to customer’s queries. As such, if you have an inquiry, you will spend approximately 6 minutes and 8 seconds on the phone before you get through to a customer care representative.

The bottom line though is that Sam’s Club is a great entity to order your checks online.

7. Super Value Checks

Another great online platform that you can use to order checks online is Super Value Checks. The company has a reputation for delivering quick and efficient services. The company also allows you to enter a shipping address different from that which is printed on the check.

At Super Value Checks, you can get two boxes of 125 checks at a cost of $7.90 which translates to $0.0316 per check. If you want duplicate checks, the cost of two boxes of 100 checks per box is $11.90 which translates to 0.0595 per check.

When it comes to customer service, the company is also an industry leader due to the very fast response time by its customer care representatives. You will only take 3 minutes and 4 seconds on average to speak to a company’s representative.

It will also take you 5 minutes to make the order ad you will have to wait for 8 days for the checks to arrive in your mailbox.

8. ASAP Checks

ASAP is another great check ordering company that offers high-quality checks, competitive prices, and check compatibility. The company also offers a money-back guarantee which means that you can return the checks should you find them unsatisfactory.

The company employs high-security measures to ensure that your checks cannot be tampered with or duplicated without your consent. The security features include Invisible Fibers, Touch Guard, and True Watermark.

Order Personal Checks from The Bank

Although checks from the banks can be expensive, most customers order their checks from their banks for a number of reasons. The greatest reason is that customers trust financial institutions. The second reason is because of convenience. When ordering from the bank, you do not need to fill the routing number nor your account number.

A premium account is the one in which you have to maintain a minimum deposit or make regular deposits. Members with a premium account usually get free checks or get them at a low price. However, if you operate a regular account, you will have to pay a higher price for the checks.

How to Get Cheap Personal Checks?

There are a few strategies that you can use to get cheap personal checks. They include:

  • The first strategy that you should use is to ask for your bank to give free checks if it is possible. Some banks issue emergency checks for free.
  • Make Google your friend, when you Google, you might find wonderful deals or promo codes online. Some sites that you should visit include RetailMeNot.com and Coupons.com.
  • Choose a check with little or no design. Basic checks cost less than customized or duplicate checks.
  • Mostly, when you buy checks in large quantities, you will end up paying less per check.
  • Do not fall for add-0ns. Most companies will ask you if you want additional services like tracked shipping, fraud protection, or fast printing. To make a saving, decline such offers.

Can You Print Your Own Checks?

Yes, it is possible to print your own checks. All that you need specialized software that formats the checks. You also need special paper to print the checks. These special papers protect your checks from forgery and alteration.

Remember, as with other checks, you need to include the necessary information in your printed checks. You also need to use MICR font and magnetic ink so that the computers can recognize the checks. You are only exempt from this requirement if you are going to deposit the check using a mobile check deposit.

You should ensure that the information that you put on the check is correct. Make sure that the account number and routing numbers on the check are correct to avoid instances of your check being rejected.

One of the considerations when deciding if you should buy or print checks is the cost of every method. Also, when comparing the methods, do not forget to factor in the time that each method takes.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to order personal checks online?

Yes, it is safe to order personal checks online. However, you need to ensure that you order the checks from a trusted entity. Below are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you remain safe when ordering checks online.

  • The very first thing is to find check printers who are reputable. The above-discussed printers are reputable and you can order your checks from them.
  • Make sure that the check printers have a Check Payment System Association (CPSA) certification. The association is mandated to ensure that check printing companies print checks which are secure. A CPSA certified company will have a small padlock on their checks.
  • Ensure that the check printing company has good customer service and it also offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Can I get checks on the same day?

Yes, it is possible to get checks on the same. Banks can print for you over the counter checks for emergencies. However, if you want many checks, then you will have to wait for a few days for the printing companies to print the checks and send them to you.

Is it cheaper to order personal checks online or at the bank?

Order a personal checks online is mostly cheaper than getting checks from your bank. However, some banks give their premium members checks for free which makes them cheaper than ordering them online. But normally, online checks are cheaper than getting checks from the bank.

What is the cheapest way to order a personal checks?

The cheapest way to order a personal checks is by ordering them in bulk. With most check printing companies, the more checks, the cheaper, and the cost per check.

Is ordering checks from Wal-Mart safe?

Yes, ordering checks from Wal-Mart is safe. Wal-Mart is one of the most reputable stores in the United States and the world over. This means that the store is safe to buy your checks from.

How can I get a free check?

One of the ways of getting a free check is by operating a premium account. Most banks give their premium members free checks. Your bank can also give you an over-the-counter check for emergencies.

Final Recap

Order personal checks online is cheaper than getting them from your bank. However, in order to get the check, you will have to provide some information including your bank and routing numbers. There are a number of online entities that you can buy checks from but all have different terms and conditions. It is also cheaper to buy the checks in bulk as this reduces the overall cost of a single check.

We believe that you are now knowledgeable on the process of buying online checks and the next time you find yourself at a shortage, you will know where to get the restock.

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