How To Transfer Money From ReliaCard To Cash App [Best Guideline]

U.S. Bank ReliaCard is a reloadable visa debit card that is used to disburse payments to government benefit program beneficiaries. It is an electronic means of receiving unemployment benefits from state unemployment agencies. It allows you to withdraw ATM money, buy goods, pay bills and send money to bank account. This card usually issued by the U.S bank to help recipient’s access funds in a simple and safer way.

On the other hand, cash app is an online peer to peer money payment technology that is simply meant to receive and transfer money. Therefore, can you transfer money from reliacard to cash app? Yes you can but not possible transfer ReliaCard money to Cash App directly. In our page today, we bring to you a detailed process of transfer money from reliacard to cash app. Also, you will get to learn benefits of reliacard and other related topics. Read through to the end!

Follow The 6 Steps To Transfer Money From Reliacard To Cash App

The process of transferring money from reliacard to cash app requires an extra effort. This is because there is no direct way to link and transfer money from reliacard to cash app. This requires you to use a linked bank account as a medium of transfer. Here, you send money from the card to bank account to cash app. Regardless of how long and indirect the process is, be sure to receive money in your cash app at the end of the process. Let’s walk through this process step by step.

1. Get your card

Since you can’t transfer money without your reliacard, the very first process is have your card. These cards are normally mailed to you address through the postal services. This takes 7 to 10 days for the card to reach to you. For security purposes, the card is normally sent to you with a white window envelope with nothing written on top.

2. Activate your card

You can’t conduct any transaction with your card until it’s activated. Therefore, you should activate instantly after receiving it. To activate,

  • Visit your Reliacard mobile app or website and sign in.
  • Click ‘’activate card’’ from the website
  • From the app, tap ‘’ setup online access/ activate new card’’
  • Create your password. To create a password, you must chose at least 8 characters and avoid sequential numbers or letters. You can also activate your card by calling customer care center for assistance. Their toll-free number is 1-855-282-6161.

3. Receive funds in your card

After receiving and activating your card, it will now be ready to receive funds from the government agency. Therefore, funds will be loaded in your card for use. To know whether funds have been deposited, you can enroll into a bank alert and receive notifications via email or texts.

4. Transfer money from the card to bank account

Here, you can now send money from the card to a linked bank account directly through ACH transfers. To transfer;

  • Sign in to
  • Navigate to the top bar and tap ‘’manage money’’
  • Next, tap ‘’card to bank transfer’’
  • Select your account
  • Fill in correct bank account information. This entails bank account and routing number.
  • Enter amount to transfer
  • Review your information
  • Click transfer button.

The transfer will take 3 to 5 days. Once money is in your bank account, you can now transfer to cash app.

5. Link bank account to cash app

Before transferring money to cash app, you should first link your bank account to cash app. To link:

  •  install your cash app
  •  Login in to your account with your credentials
  • Clink ‘’banking tab’’
  • Select ‘’ link bank’’
  • Add the routing and account number of the bank account you want to link.

6. Transfer money from bank account to cash app

  • Go back to your cash app account
  • Tap ‘’ my cash’’ option
  • Tap ‘’add cash’’
  • Enter amount to transfer
  • Type in your app password to confirm your identity
  • Transfer money from your bank account and wait for 3 business days for transfer to complete.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Reliacard To Transfer Money?

  • The card is convenient: Use of reliacard is easy and convenient. In what sense? To receive or transfer money with this account, it’s not necessary to have a bank account. Therefore, money transfers and deposits to this card are automatic and instant with help of the app.
  • The card is secure: Reliacards are safe and secure thus guarantees safety to your money. Tight data security, compliance and fraud protection programs are well invested in this card to protect your money Therefore, transferring money to cash app with this account is extremely safe.
  • It helps to save on cost: Yes. Use or reliacard eliminates paper checks thus saving on cost. It helps to reduce high costs associated with paper checks, reconciliation, postage or lost checks replacement. This card also helps to reduce electronic payments.
  • It saves time: This card eliminates the need of depositing a cheque which takes time to mature. You can also transact with no need to waste time queuing in the bank. With the card, you can quickly access your mobile banking and make your transaction instantly.


How safe is it to transfer money from reliacard to cash app?

Transfer money from reliacard to cash app is 100% safe. This is because the card is fully protected from any illegal transaction. To enhance on safety, the card has a 4 digit pin that you should use when transferring your money. Also, all online transactions carried with your card are encrypted. That means that no fraudster can intercept your server. Also, he card is protected by FDIC insurance that insures your money in case of anything.

How do you receive your reliacard?

You receive your reliacard trough mail to your address. The card comes with a list of instructions on how to activate it. The card also arrives with a U.S bank privacy pledge, instructions on where and how to use the card and an agreement describing all terms and conditions of use.

What happens if you misplace your reliacard?

After losing your card, call customer care services and report your case immediately. Thereafter, you will be given another reliacard. In addition, all the remaining balance in your older misplaced card will be transferred to your new card.

How do you know that your reliacard has funds before transfer to cash app?

In several incidences, it’s not possible to transfer money from your reliacard with zero balance. Therefore, you should always ensure your card has available funds before transfer. You can also inquire your card account balance from an ATM, sign in for bank deposit alerts or call customer care services to inquire your balance.

What should I do after forgetting my reliacard pin when transfer money to cash app?

After forgetting your pin, you can call the number printed at the back of your card for assistance. You will therefore reset your pin successfully through an automated system. Note that it’s not advisable to guess or use wrong pin for several attempts. This is because your card will be locked.

What benefit can you enjoy with reliacard?

With this card, you can enjoy benefits from the following programs: child care, child support, pension programs, workers compensation, trade adjustment assistance, personal income tax returns, and unemployment insurance, housing authorities among others.

Final Say

As seen, it’s possible to transfer money from reliacard to cash app through an indirect transfer. Although long, the process of transfer money from reliacard to cash app is free. However, you might incur some charges from the intermediary bank. Also, it’s important to note that there is no other way to load funds to your reliacard as it doesn’t have a routing and account number. Therefore, only unemployment agencies can load your card. Also, you don’t need to apply for the card. This is because you automatically qualify for it after applying for unemployment benefits. Receive your card today and transfer money to cash app through the process described above.

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