Xoom vs Western Union – Key Differences

Are you searching for better and more economical approaches to create a global currency transfer? Therefore, we often wind up searching to get Xoom vs Western Union comparisons. If you opt to move money throughout the globe, you may ask, “Western Union or Xoom?”

Founded in 1851, Western Union (WU) was in the money exchange industry for providing services for at least a century. Even though Xoom (XOOM) only came on the scene in 2001, it did catch up with Western Union and has gained remarkable popularity.

What one should you select? Continue reading if you want to understand the gaps between Xoom and Western Union and decide which global money transfer agency best matches your requirements.


Xoom began working as a digital currency transfer agency in 2001, expanding to encourage over 159 countries worldwide. Xoom’s digitally-led platform concentrates on aggressive prices and reachable payout options, with invoice payments, airtime top-ups, and money pickups all potential along with a conventional bank transfer. In 2015, PayPal gave birth to this company.

A PayPal firmComparatively pricey service
Accessible in the United States, Canada, UK, and EuropeUnavailable in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East
Supports transfers to 130 countries globallyComplicated fee Arrangement
Easy-to-use internet interface and programPrivate transfers Just
Money payouts, invoice payments, and also mobile appsSending limitations based on utilization amount and nation
Quick transfers when financed with a Debit or Credit cardNo Debit card
Transfer alarmsNo assistance in physical places

Western Union

Western Union was set in 1850, making it among the longest-running cash transfer service providers available on the marketplace. The business has a massive network of representative places for bodily transfers. However, it has also made significant efforts to modernize and choose its digital services to compete with all the many transport startups that focus on right online transfers in the past few years.

Registration from 70 nations and transfers to 200+ countries (like US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East)Comparatively expensive service
Supports money payouts, invoice payments, and mobile wallet transfersComplicated fee Arrangement
Establish a transfer online, in a physical agent location, or with a callPoor reviews
Adaptive transfer Rates
Prepaid debit card
Personal and business transfers

Key Differences Between Xoom & Western Union

It is worth doing, this research before you opt for a money transfer Firm. Whether it is Xoom or Western Union you are choosing between, here are some factors you should have some idea on.

Fees & Exchange Rates


Xoom’s transport charges fluctuate according to,

  • The transfer amount
  • The payout method
  • The target currency
  • How you fund your transfer

Their transport fees incorporate a trade fee and a mark-up about the market rate. You will generally pay about USD 30 in costs for sending USD 1,000 in the US to ordinary destinations (card-to-bank transport) for the charge’s transparent region. You’ll certainly pay a lesser amount — roughly USD 4.99 using a bank transfer.

Along with also a quick heads up, Xoom also charges a payment when you pay your invoices overseas (charges are usually USD 2.99/ CAD 2.99/ / GBP 2.99/ / EUR 2.99).

Western Union

Western Union’s Prices vary Based on,

  • Your chosen transfer speed
  • The target currency
  • The funding method

Western Union’s transport charges also vary based on market changes and the prices displayed on their site. “Western Union will compute its trade rates on the grounds of their interbank rates offered on the current marketplace, plus a margin.” Ordinarily, you will pay a maximum 6 percent mark upon the market rate + a transport fee dependent on the transport process, payout procedure, and transfer rate. By way of instance, your transfers will likely be expensive if you finance the transfer using credit and choose the cost in Minutes plan. The Western Union debit card also includes fees such as monthly charges, ATM withdrawal charges, inactivity fees, etc.

Ease of Use, Credibility and Security


Xoom’s site supports 12 languages, even together to call or email customer support for help with your transfer. Besides, they have a help centre that addresses lots of typically asked questions. The Xoom program permits 24/7 access for its own transfers, using a user-friendly interface that emphasizes the organization’s focus on digitally-led foreign transfers. The program is free and accessible on both iOS and Android.

For safety, Xoom includes a verification procedure to shield your identity, usually requiring one to incorporate a driving license or passport. For large quantities of money, you may also be requested to include an invoice and proof of address. Xoom utilizes 128-bit data protection encryption to maintain any data sent between your Internet browser. And their site is protected and operates both SMS alarms and 2-factor authentication to help keep your money secure when organizing transfers.

Western Union

Western Union’s site supports lots of languages to produce international transfers to individuals worldwide. It has client service in email, telephone, or seeing an agent place directly. The program offered in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. It has been created to make online transfers more suitable for individuals wishing to avoid traveling to agent locations.

Western Union has a confirmation procedure to maintain identities securely, requiring users to incorporate some legitimate form of ID when starting more significant transfers. Additionally, Western Union has employed Software Composition Analysis (SCA). This can be a client authentication safety layer used for payment, booking, and account manipulation and access. It’s a component of this two-factor authentication (2FA) safety protocol.

Service & Coverage


Xoom is a top money transfer supplier to send cash from the USA, Canada, and Europe (Eurozone, non-Euro zone nations, and the UK) to over 130 countries worldwide. It is possible to pay with your bank accounts, debit card, or charge card based on the country you’re sending cash to. The money may be delivered as cash, deposited into a financial institution account, airtime top-up. Additionally, it may be sent to the beneficiary’s home address. You can also utilize Xoom to pay utility bills in 10 states: Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Vietnam). PayPal possesses Xoom and its providers are incorporated. Since Xoom is a part of PayPal, you may use a PayPal-linked bank account, credit card, or debit card.

Xoom offers mobile programs for Apple iOS and Google Android. Their site is available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian, Korean, Russian, and Chinese. You’re kept informed of the status of your transfer with text or email alerts.

Western Union

Western Union is among the world’s oldest, largest, and leading money transfer suppliers in the business. Their support enables people to send and get cash at over 550,000 representative places in over 200 countries and territories across the globe. Clients may also send some money online through the Western Union site and cellular program to the bank account, agent locations, and cellular wallets.

With Western Union, cash can be obtained in over 125 currencies. In many ways (sending and receiving choices differ by state): with an agent location or via an ATM, a financial institution account, or even a mobile wallet. The money available within seconds after being sent. It is possible to cover your cash transfer with cash, debit card or credit card, or your bank accounts. Additionally, there are bill payment solutions for some nations.

Western Union is presently focusing on substantial digital growth to expand the number of nations that empower digital currency transfer services. Like sending cash from or into a bank account, into some mobile wallet, or through the Western Union program. They’re also expanding the states in which you may utilize their mobile app. Digital choices are already extensive throughout the united states, Canada, the majority of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. However, they’re rapidly expanding their digital achieve from Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Customer Satisfaction


Xoom has graded 4.6/5 Trustpilot with over 21,000 reviews. 88 percent of those reviewers had “Outstanding” experience, while 4 percent had a “Great” experience moving cash with Xoom. The reviewers worry about instant support and the only online interface. However, 5 percent of these reviewers had a “Poor” encounter, and here is what we found:

  • They have been unhappy concerning the foreign exchange price. Xoom’s transfer charge is based on plenty of factors and also, they charge a mark on the market rate. However, they also supply you with a good deal of cover approaches and so cost increases.
  • Transfer delays were yet just another reason for concern. Your transfer may arrive in moments if you finance it using a credit card and in case you are exchanging a significant amount of money. Nonetheless, it’s always a fantastic idea to place your expectations depending on the currency, banking hours and forthcoming holidays.
  • Blocked transports were yet just another large trigger for dissatisfaction. Moving on to the sending limitations or even sending a company transfer in the Xoom account could lead to a hold-up.

Western Union

Western Union is ranked 3.6/5 Trustpilot with over 17,000 reviews. 65 percent of reviewers had “Outstanding” experience, and 19 percent had a “Great” experience. The majority of the reviewers enjoyed their fast service and the help of setting up transfers. However, 10 percent of these consumers had a”Poor” encounter with Western Union. Here is the low down to the most notable causes of consumer dissatisfaction:

  • These may be prevented by picking the proper service once you place your transfer. It’s also a fantastic idea to factor in things such as the money corridor and upcoming holidays.
  • Western Union frequently lobbied transports to stop scams, money laundering, and other prohibited actions. These are usually solved pretty fast (maintain all vital documentation such as bank statements).
  • Many users found it tough to achieve Western Union’s client assistance, which is concerning. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring that you’re able to walk into your nearest broker office to type matters out.

Customer Support


Here is how you can achieve Xoom’s customer support staff:

  • By telephone (they Provide multilingual phone service in English, Spanish, Filipino, French, and Arabic — timings can differ )
  • Via email (additionally multi-faceted support)

They do not possess a live chat choice; however, they do a comprehensive Help segment on their site.

Western Union

You can reach Western Union through

  • Via Mail
  • On the Telephone
  • In a physical place for multipurpose support

This is very good for people who would rather not deal with all parts of cash transfer online. On the reverse side, their customer support team may be slow to answer occasionally.


Here we are pointing out some points to help you decide which platform is more transparent.


  • The exchange rate margin constitutes a Substantial share of this entire price of the transfer
  • It is very simple to comprehend the fees of Xoom
  • Xoom signifies they earn money on the exchange rate
  • A real-time quote is available without enrolling
  • Xoom applies precisely the very same fees and exchange rates for all Clients
  • It’s relatively easy to get pricing information of Xoom

Western Union

  • The exchange rate allowance constitutes most of this total price of the transfer.
  • It is very simple to comprehend the fees of Western Union.
  • Western Union signifies they earn money on the exchange rate, though we have seen some opposite cases.
  • A real-time quote is available without registering.
  • Western Union applies precisely the very same charges and exchange rates for all clients.
  • It is extremely tough to get the pricing data of Western Union

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

It is not a matter of surprise that you still have some questions that will help you decide which money transfer platform is right for you. Here we will cover you up with some frequently asked questions on both XOOM and Western Union.

Is Xoom the most economical way to send money overseas?

Xoom is seldom the best choice to send cash overseas. That is why it’s always worthwhile utilizing our website to discover the least expensive way to send money abroad. As per our analysis, the best choice will depend upon your requirement. The criteria your transfer is based on will determine if it the best option for you.

Is it secure to use Xoom to send money abroad?

Yes, even Xoom is an agency of PayPal, among the most prominent global money transfer service to date. PayPal is governed by the national authorities, in addition to various US state authorities and agencies.

Xoom has exceptional reviews on TrustPilot. The business also supplies a money-back assurance, meaning that if your transfer isn’t obtained, Xoom will repay the trade in total. Xoom’s Credibility and Safety score are also satisfactory. Xoom may not be the least expensive choice to send cash overseas precisely at the same time. That is why we always advocate utilizing various comparisons to develop the ideal method to send money overseas.

Is there any way to prevent Xoom fees?

It is not feasible to prevent Xoom charges altogether, but they’re a few choices to lessen them.

  • Consistently compare Xoom prices and exchange rates using options. Comparison sites help you find out the mathematics and be sure to locate the very best price in only a couple of clicks.
  • Prevent credit card charge- Xoom or even so the card issuer can charge extra costs on your trades.
  • Constantly utilize Xoom cost estimator before continuing with your trade to look at the transfer charges and exchange prices. Don’t forget to double-check the exchange rates.
  • Consider sending cash with a different money transfer agency with lower prices and better exchange prices. Evaluate your choices and much more money will soon arrive.

Is there any way to prevent Western Union’s charge?

There’s no way to avoid Western Union charges altogether, but they can be mitigated:

  • Evaluate Western Union prices with other options
  • Consistently use the Cost Estimator before continuing with your trade to inspect the WU transfer charges. While calculating Western Union charges, consider the concealed money conversion price – it may be a significant chunk of your WU transport fee. Comparison sites help you find out the mathematics and be sure to locate the best bargain.
  • Be sure you’re utilizing the most inexpensive way for the cash. The choice to put in the money on a financial institution’s accounts versus picking up the money with an agent’s location is nearly always less costly.
  • Prevent credit card fees. Western Union or even the card issuer can charge extra costs in your trades.
  • Deliver Western Union Transport with WU partners (ex. At Walmart stores in Canada, you receive 5 percent off Western Union regular fees)
  • Browse the fine print and be sure all of the information is accurate. When there’s even one typo, your transfer is going to need to be move once more. It usually means you will need to pay double the charges for the transport.
  • Consider sending cash with a separate cash transport operator with lower prices and better exchange prices. Evaluate your choices and much more money will soon arrive.

Is there any way to monitor a Western Union transfer?

Western Union transfer could be monitored onto the Western Union’s site & through the WU mobile program. On the WU.com site, visit Track Transfer; on cellular, pick the track transfer from the dropdown menu. Here is the info required to monitor a move:

  • The most straightforward approach is to utilize the 10-digit MTCN number. The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is a unique number assigned to every transfer. It may be discovered at the transport history on the internet or cellular & on emailed or printed receipt.
  • It’s possible to either recognize the transfer together with the sender’s telephone number or sender’s and recipient’s initial and last name.
  • Occasionally, you may likewise be asked: recipient’s nation, complete title, delivery date, number sent and the amount of money.

How long can Western Union take to transfer money?

Based upon the payment and delivery methods, the destination and the origin of this transport, the money can be picked-up in moments or accessible within 3-5 working days. Usually, the faster they move, the greater the charges are. Here’s an overview of the various Western Union transfer times with support.

The delivery period is based on service type:

  • Cash in Minutes (pickup in an agents location) – in just a couple of minutes
  • Next Day (pickup in an agents location) – the following (working) day
  • Immediate to bank deposit – 2-5 working days

Mobile Money Transfer (move to a receiver’s wallet)

The delivery period depends on these factors: which support is chosen and distinctive T&C related to a specific service, quantity sent, destination state, delivery limitations, agent location hours and time zones, etc.

Final Recap

The two Western Union and Xoom have numerous favorable features. Therefore, they are reputable operators for both safe and convenient money transfers.

But when comparing all of the businesses’ elements, Xoom will take advantage over Western Union, especially regarding transfer time and transfer fees. Even with Western Union’s years of expertise in the transfer area, the digitally-focused strategy of Xoom will continue to provide competitive prices and hassle-free Support.

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