How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Someone Else’s Bank Account

PayPal is one of the leading international e-wallets. However, direct transfer money from PayPal account to someone else’s bank account is still one big challenge. Recently, the company promised inclusion of this feature but only starting with the US dwellers. So basically, as of now, there is no direct way to transfer funds from PayPal to someone else checking account.

The only option available for adamant people about transferring their PayPal balance directly to their recipient’s accounts is Xoom. PayPal bought this app in 2015 to enable them to boost their versatility in the international market. This application has since strengthened PayPal by supporting more complex transactions. Once, you link your PayPal account and Xoom; you can access any of the following services;

  • Direct cash transfers from your PayPal account to someone’s checking account.
  • To make international payments.
  • To recharge your prepaid mobile phone.
  • Sending money to family for pick up or home delivery

How to Transfer Money From PayPal To Someone Else’s Bank Account using Xoom

With Xoom, you can transfer directly any amount of cash to your friend’s account or your family members abroad. To access the service, follow these steps;

  1. Create/Sign up for a Xoom account. The account is free, so you don’t need to worry about the extra cost.
  2. Once you have an account, log in to your PayPal account and select Xoom as your preferred transfer option.
  3. Fill in the amount and mode of delivery i.e., the bank deposit.
  4. Enter the recipient’s details that include their full names, bank name and account, address, phone number, and other relevant information.
  5. Select to pay from your PayPal account.
  6. Review the transfer details, making any necessary adjustments, then confirm the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, your recipient has an option to receive their money in either US dollars or local currency.

Xoom Charges

The transfer fee in Xoom is not fixed but varies depending on various factors. The first one is the country to are sending the money, the total transfer amount, currency, and the source of the cash.

Xoom has an exchange rate calculator that you can use to calculate the transfer charges. Also, you can calculate the amount that will reach your recipient’s account.

Xoom offers the lowest transfer rates. When you compare its charges to other international service providers such as MoneyGram and Western Union are better off.The two lengthy verification process sometimes leads to unnecessary delays resulting in avoidable delays. Xoom follows strict customer verification asking for various ID documents and sometimes even bank statements.
Their systems are very secure. The 128-bit data encryption feature ensures that the transaction information and the customer’s data are protected. Additionally, Xoom is accredited by third party private organizations. Federal and state agencies regulate their operationsXoom doesn’t accept cash in their transactions. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It locks out people who may not have checking accounts.
In case the money doesn’t reach the recipient, Xoom has a cash back guarantee. They will return your money in full without deducting a coin.
They don’t accept cash in their transactions, which helps curb online fraud and money laundering.

An Alternative Option To Transfer Money From PayPal To Someone Else’s Bank Account

Are you wondering whether there is an alternative method to Xoom that will you to transfer those funds in PayPal? Worry not again as there is another option that balance can end up in your intended friends or relatives account.

In this case, you will first transfer the money from your PayPal to your checking account. Then, from your bank account, use the available bank to bank methods to transfer the money to the recipient’s accounts. To move cash from your PayPal account to your bank account, follow these steps:

  • Login to PayPal account and navigate to My Wallet.
  • Select transfer money.
  • Choose transfer to your bank account and click continue. This means you must have linked your bank account to your PayPal prior.
  • Enter the amount to transfer and tap next.
  • Review to confirm the transfer details and click transfer now. It will be a matter of minutes, and the amount will reflect in your bank account.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer money directly from my PayPal account to my friend’s or someone else’s bank account?

Basically, PayPal doesn’t offer a direct funds transfer to other people’s accounts. For people living in the US, it’s different, though. The latest feature added by PayPal allows them to send funds directly to other people’s accounts.

For people living outside the USA, you must use other applications to bypass this PayPal limitation. In this case, Xoom is the best option.

If I send money to the wrong account, can I get it back, and how?

Yes. You launch a complaint in the PayPal disputes resolution website. You explain the reasons for reversal, and they will reverse it if your claims are valid.

How does money receive through PayPal become cash?

You can either transfer the money to your linked account or make online payments for goods or services.

I receive cash through PayPal; how can I withdraw it to my account?

You will need to link your bank account with your PayPal. It will allow you to withdraw the PayPal balance to the connected Bank account easily.

How can I send money to my friend from PayPal, who doesn’t have a PayPal account?

You can do this using Xoom. The application allows you to send cash directly to someone’s accounts and serves over 150 countries. Otherwise, the recipient must have a PayPal account. The other option is to withdraw your money from PayPal to your bank account. From your account, then you can use a bank to bank transfer or other platforms.


Direct cash transfer from PayPal to the recipient’s account is one of the biggest PayPal limitations. As at now, to bypass this challenge, you must rely on other applications like Xoom. Thanks to the recent upgrade that allowed PayPal users within the US to access this service. The moment it reaches many countries, it will be a game-changer in the e-wallet world. Until then, Xoom has got you for international PayPal to other people’s accounts transfers.

After all, as technology continues evolving, electronic money transfer is the way to go. You shouldn’t be ashamed when deciding to put your cash on online platforms. Their biggest threat is cybersecurity, and most of them have addressed the loopholes. PayPal leading this financial revolution, its time people abandoned the old way and embraced the new normal.

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