How To Get Legacy Credit Card

Are you struggling to rebuild your credit score? There are many factors that you should consider. To start with, most people usually encounter this challenge from time to time due to a number of issues. For instance, if you have lost your job, you might not be able to maintain a good credit rating as you might not be able to meet your daily needs. If this happens, you might be turned down by different credit card companies when you want to apply for a credit line. This can hinder you from buying a home or even purchasing a car as you will not get a loan from different financial lenders.

However, there is a solution for you. If you want to rebuild your credit, you should consider the Legacy Credit Card today. Unlike other secured cards or prepaid credit cards, this credit card will provide you with an actual line of credit. Therefore, you will not need to make an initial deposit to utilize the card.

About Legacy Credit Card

First and foremost, this card is offered by First National Bank. As mentioned above, this card is unsecured. Therefore, you can readily start using it without necessarily coming up with a deposit. Apart from being unsecured, this credit card is a Visa. Therefore, cardholders can use it at most merchants within the U.S and around the world. It is important to note that the Legacy Credit Card basically offers a reward program, commonly known as premium club membership. For you to become a member, you should pay a monthly fee.

Features of the Legacy Credit Card

The card comes with some incredible features that will mesmerize you. These include:

1. It comes with a reward program

Through Legacy Credit Card’s premium club, you can readily get discounts on hotels, dining, entertainment, rental cars, and even prescription. This has actually worked well for most cardholders out there.

However, for you to be eligible for these rewards there is a price that you have to pay. For you to join the premium club, you have to part with a $4.95 monthly fee. Apart from this, if you do not travel often, it would not be ideal for you to pay these costs as you might not essentially get the value for your money. This should apply if you do not fill many prescriptions as well. In this case, the premium club might not be worth the cost.

2. Payment protection plan

This plan will stand for you in case if you cannot cover your minimum payments due to one reason or another. For instance, if you have an emergency, you might not be able to meet certain minimum payments.

Also, you might find yourself in these circumstances such as when you are unemployed, disabled, or even hospitalized. The plan usually costs 89 cents per $100 of your monthly balance. It is important to note that your monthly payment will be covered up to $5000 by the card issuer.

For you to qualify for this, you should ensure that you are enrolled in the payment protection plan for not less than 30 days. Also, it is vital to note that you can only file one claim of 120 days.

Application Process For Legacy Credit Card

With Legacy Credit card, you cannot apply for it unless you receive an offer in your mail. If you already have an offer code, the process of application will be very easy for you. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Visit the First National Credit Card website. Here, you should click this site;
  • Here, you will see a green box that says ‘accept online’.
  • Once you click the ‘accept offer’, you will be redirected to a screen where you will be able to enter your first code. This is commonly known as the ‘reservation number’.
  • The moment the system accepts your reservation number and the access code, you can now proceed to the actual application. Here, you will need to fill in several details regarding your personal information, such as the name, date of birth, address and income.
  • Once you have filled the entire application, you can now submit it online. Here, the First National will inform you whether you have been approved and when you can expect to receive your credit card in the mail.

Process To Login Legacy Credit Card Account

For you to successfully login your Legacy Credit Card account, here are the essential steps that you should follow:

  • Visit the First National Credit Card website. Here, you should click this site;
  • Here, you will see an orange button that says ‘account login’.
  • You will be taken to a card member service page where you will need to enter your username and password respectively. If you do not have an account, you should click the option that says ‘register new user’.
  • Once this process is successful, you can now access your account. Here, you will be able to view your balance, set up text alerts and even pay your bills.

Process To Pay My Legacy Credit Card Payment

To start with, First Nationals usually allows you to pay your bills using this card in three ways. These include:

  • Through the mail
  • Bu Phone
  • Online

If you choose to pay your bills online, you have to log into your account for this to be successful. On the other hand, if you want to pay by mail, here is the address where you should send the payment

First National Credit Card
P.O.BOX 2496
Omaha, NE 68103-2496

Finally, if you want to pay by phone, you should contact the First National customer service care team by calling 888-883-9824. You will follow the instructions given by the operator, and you will be good to go.

The Pros of Legacy Credit Card

This credit card comes with several benefits that make it worthy of having it. Some of the benefits of having this card include:

  1. It is easy to qualify : When applying for this card, you can readily qualify even if you have a lower credit score. In fact, some people have qualified for this card even when they had a credit score of less than 500.
  2. It comes with reward program : Unlike other cards that do not offer reward programs, the Legacy Credit Card offers a reward program even for those with bad credit. Here, you can trust that you will receive discounts on travel expense, such as the hotels and rental cars. Select prescription can qualify for a discount as well. Also, you will be able to make savings on entertainment and dining. This has worked well for many people out there.
  3. Can help increase your credit limit : When using this credit card, your credit limit is likely to increase in the long run. However, this depends on your creditworthiness. Sometimes, you can qualify for a credit limit of as high as $1500.
  4. It comes with a payment protection plan : With this protection plan, one can miss his or her monthly payments as long as he or she has qualified for an emergency. Here, the protection plan normally costs 89 cents for every $100 of your monthly balance. However, it maxes out at $5000 until you get on your feet again.
  5. Allows you to manage your account online : When using this credit card, you can readily manage your account online at no costs. Also, you can view your statements and even sign up for automatic payments.

Cons of the Legacy Credit Card

Although this credit card comes with the above-mentioned advantages, it has some cons that you should be aware of. These include:

  1. Annual fee : It is worth to note that this card comes with a $75 annual fee which is usually billed monthly.
  2. High APR : The annual percentage rate for this credit card varies depending on your current credit score. You will note that the company will base your introductory APS off your credit status at rates from 17.25 % to 29.9%.This is interest rate is relatively higher compared to other credit cards.
  3. Other extra fees : Apart from the charges mentioned above, this card comes with another share of fees. For instance, you can expect that you will be charged $25 for late payments. Also, you will be charged $25 for a returned payment and a $20 fee to add an authorized user.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Before you think of signing up for this card, there are several questions and answers about Legacy Credit Card that you should check out. These include:

Do I need to have a high credit score to get a Legacy Credit Card?

No. To start with, First National does not specify the credit score one needs to get this card. Also, some people have been able to acquire this card when they had a credit score of as low as 400 or 500. These characteristics make it better compared to other cards.

Is Legacy Credit Card a good credit card?

Well, this card might not be a good option for most people as the rewards and benefits offered by this card usually get outweighed by the high fees and interest rates. If you do not see yourself utilizing these rewards regularly, this card might not be a necessity for you.

Does Legacy Credit Card give credit increases?

To start with, there is a $39 annual fee and a variable APR of 26.49%. However, you will earn unlimited cash back rewards of 1.5% for every purchase you make. If you can pay all your dues on time, you can easily increase your credit limit.

What is the minimum payment on the Legacy Credit Card?

This card requires you to pay a minimum of $30 or 4% of your balance. Better still you can pay 1% of the balance plus any interest or late fees. It is worth noting that if your balance is less than $30, your minimum payment will be the entire balance. To avoid accumulating more interest, you should ensure that you pay the entire balance each month.

Can I still keep my Legacy Credit Card if I am not using it?

Yes. Instead of canceling the card, you should keep this card open as this helps your credit utilization. This, in turn, can help boost your credit score.


By getting the Legacy Credit Card, you can be sure that you will get several reward programs that can help you save more money. However, you have to pay the privilege of participating. Here, you should pay a $75 annual fee. Therefore if you do not need these rewards regularly, perhaps this card might not be necessary. Despite this, the card has proved to be very effective for those people with low credit scores. At least one can rebuild his credit and thereby stand the chances of getting higher loans in the future. Consider applying for this card today, and you will not regret it.

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