How To Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance

Walgreens is an American company dedicated to providing its customers with a wide variety of products across all states. Their catalog ranges from medical products and services, general merchandise, cosmetics, and groceries. For over a decade, they have offered valuable essentials to their customers at affordable prices. To better their services, Walgreens introduced the use of gift cards in payments.

Together with eGift cards, you can use your Walgreens gift card to pay for anything as long as it’s in stock. With the development of eCommerce, you don’t have to go to their stores physically. Just log in to their website, place, and pay for your order, and you will pick it at your doorstep.

Basically, eGift cards function just like the standard gift cards. The good thing about eGift cards is the cash back benefits they attract upon use.

There are two ways you can purchase your Walgreens eGift card. One is via your phone. The other method is purchasing your Walgreens eGift card online and printing it on your own for use or giving someone. One thing to note is that you’ll have to buy an eGift card for every merchant since they are different.

How to Check Walgreens Gift Card Balance

Have you ever found yourself in that awkward situation where you had planned to shop with your gift card and find it below your bill? What was the feeling? Definitely terrible! The inconvenience plus the embarrassment you suffered? Of course, you deserve better. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you three best ways you can use to check your Walgreens gift card balance. Knowing your balance will help you to plan and make informed financial decisions. You won’t have to bear any more surprises. Feel free to use any of them depending on your preference and availability. These methods include;

1. Using the Online Portal

Checking your Walgreens gift card balance online is probably the easiest and convenient method. You don’t have to spend anything except a few bucks on an internet connection if you don’t have any. You can then pay for the internet café just for minutes, and you’ll have your gift card information.

The first thing you should know before logging into the Walgreens online portal is that your card must be the 19-digit model. If you have the 16-digit type, you may have to use the other methods. Once you have satisfied this requirement, proceed to the Walgreens Gift Card Balance Checker.

You’ll be directed to a page where you enter the 19 card digits followed by the 4-digit pin in the respective fields. Next is a verification step via Captcha. Once you have verified your identity, click the search button.

Proper adherence to these steps will lead you to a page containing all your Walgreens gift card details balance included. The screenshot below depicts the portal process;

2. At the Local Stores

It is a good option if you are not techy or have a Walgreens store in the neighborhood. In case you don’t know the location of any Walgreen store nearby, you can always utilize the store locator function on the Walgreens website. To locate a shop, enter your state name or the zip code and navigate through the filters for the best results. These will involve choosing the type of store you want: for example, those open for 24 hours, health care, photo lab, etc.  Then click the search button. A list of stores will appear from which you can choose the nearest to your location. Once you get a store, you can use the card machine to check your Walgreens gift card balance.

3. Making a call to the Walgreens customer care

This method may be a bit complicated, but it’s a good alternative that won’t need you to make a trip anywhere. Two customer care numbers are available, depending on which card you are using. For people with 19-digit gift cards, use 1-866-922-7312. If your gift card is the 16 digits, use 1-877-248-5555 for your inquiries. Follow the steps below to get your Walgreens gift card balance;

  • Dial the respective number and listen to the instructions keenly. There will be several helpline extension options. Choose the appropriate extension about the balance inquiry.
  • The next thing, you’ll be prompted to enter your gift card number. Make sure you key in the number after the beep for correct results.
  • Wait for some time. An operator will give you the corresponding Walgreens gift card balance.

If you are the only one who uses your gift card, it may be easy to monitor the gift card expenditure. The receipt you receive after every payment bares the Walgreens gift card balance. So, you may not have to go through all the processes above if you have your recent receipts.

Where Can A Walgreens Gift Card Be Used

These cards can help you to save cash for your shopping or buying gifts for your friends. You can take advantage of their occasional offers to subscribers to save more for your expenses.

Walgreen gift cards are prepaid; this means they carry a monetary value that you will exhaust with time. Some will give you the option to reload while others are not reloadable. The following are the type of Walgreens gift cards you can acquire depending on your needs;

1. Movies, Music, and Games

Walgreens has affiliations with several big entertainment organizations like Xbox Live, GameStop, and Fandango. All services related to Movie, Music, and games are payable using this card.

2. Food and Restaurant Gift Cards

Several restaurants accept payments through Walgreens gift cards. So, you can use your card to foot your eatery bills. However, it’s good to ask first whether they allow the card. A good example of restaurants that allow Walgreens gift cards is Red Lobster, Panera Bread, and Subway.

3. Departmental Stores Gift cards

Partnership between Walgreens and departmental stores such as Kohl’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy lead to departmental store card development.

This grants its holders the opportunity to purchase anything from these stores.

4. Corporate Gift Cards

These are bought in bulk, especially by corporate, whenever they want to give incentives of tokens. They can be for their employees or customers.

5. All occasions Gift cards

You can use these cards on all occasions and everywhere. These are a good choice for use as a backup card. Good examples of these are the American Express and the Vanilla Visa Millions used. Therefore, choosing them gives you the privilege to shop and pay for services virtually from anywhere in the world.

6. The Gift Card Policy

The Walgreens gift card policy permits its redeeming only at Walgreens stores. You can redeem your card for various products and services. At the moment, the policy doesn’t allow online payments via gift cards.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I redeem my Walgreens gift card balance?

The Walgreens allows you to exchange your gift card balance with cash if you want. However, this feature is only available in specific states and subject to some terms and conditions. Therefore, check first whether your state is one of them. Examples of the covered states include; California, Colorado, Vermont, and New Jersey.

Can I replace my lost or stolen gift card?

In case you lose your Walgreens gift card, go to any nearest store with the original receipt. Only if you have the original receipt to prove the ownership and purchase can you have the card replaced.

How can someone use a gift card without a pin?

You can use your Walgreens’ gift card without pin though you will have some limitations. For instance, you can only use it at a physical store and never online. Additionally, you cannot check its balance. The best thing to do if your card doesn’t have a pin is exchanging it at a Walgreens store for a new card secured card. This way, you’ll have access to all gift card features.

Is it possible to purchase a Walgreen gift card online?

Yes. However, you can only purchase the gift cards in select denominations. If the package you need is not available, you can then get it at the Walgreen stores.

How can I redeem my gift card online?

Currently, you cannot use any Walgreen card for any online transaction. So, to redeem your gift card, you have to visit a Walgreen store in person.

What are the available options methods to reload your Walgreens card?

You can recharge your Walgreens card at any of their many thousands of stores across the United States. In case you don’t know where to find one, go to their website and use the store locator function. You can reload any amount from $5 to $500.


With our trendy cashless economy today, a gift card can be an important addition to your shopping tools. If you frequently shop at Walgreens stores or members, their gift card will give you more flexibility and convenience. If you have Walgreens gift card, you can use any of the above methods to manage your card balance.

Also, recommend people to create a Walgreens account. Even though this may appear inconsequential at the beginning, it is one of the easiest ways to manage your gift card. This will also help you with the Walgreens mobile application, which is the easiest connection with your card. It gives users the freedom even to add and control more than one gift card accounts.

Now, don’t wait until you find yourself stranded with a bill at a Walgreens store due to a lack of cash. Keep track of your Walgreens gift card balance all the time, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of cashless payment.

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