Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Process

Sending money to someone, maybe to a family member, friend or merchant becomes essential at one point. So, do you have a method that is easy, reliable, and reasonably cheap? If no, Walmart can be your ideal solution. Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer is the latest business venture in the market that offers you a medium to wire or send money domestically or internationally.

Ever since the idea saw the light of the day back in 2018, Walmart allows people to send money online and internationally via its Money Transfer segment. Below is a guide on how to start enjoying the services and benefits of Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer. Read on!

How to Get Started

There are things that you need to do to use the Walmart money transfer service. The most common one is to visit a Walmart store or Money Center directly. Once you are there, you will have two options to choose from namely: Ria and MoneyGram. However, it is not more of an option since it will depend on where you intend to send the money.

The other option is to use the Walmart app. Simply download it. Locate Services and then choose the Express Money Services option. From there, you will get information regarding the availability of that service at your store. If it is available, you will easily enter the information of your transfer right away. However, you will still visit the store to complete the transfer, show an identification document, and acquire the reference number. Fortunately for you, you will avoid making the long queue.

Walmart To Walmart Money Transfers Process

As the name suggests, Walmart to Walmart money transfers involve sending money from one Walmart to another. It is done offline hence a need to go to an actual store. The only beneficiaries of this service are residents of Puerto Rico and the United States.

Sending a Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer

Does your store have a Money Center? If yes, that’s all you need to send a Walmart to Walmart money transfer. Simply visit the Money Center. To pay the money that you intend to transfer, go for a debit card or cash. If you do not have a Money Center, all is not lost. All that you have to do is visit nearby Walmart store. Never forget that it is always advisable to start your transaction at the Walmart app before visiting the store. It will help you save space that you can have spent queuing. Carry an identification card such as the U.S. or a foreign passport, U.S. Driver’s License, green card, state ID, Naturalization and Immigrant Services ID Card, Military ID, Employment Authorization Card, Tribal ID, Temporary Resident Card, Mexican Metricula Consular and Mexican visa/Border Crossing Card.

Receiving a Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer

To receive a Walmart to Walmart money transfer, you can either go to a Walmart, MoneyCenter, or the customer service desk. Give the employee the reference number corresponding to the transaction. If you are wondering where you get it, ask the sender of the money to give you the number that he got after sending the money to you. You will also have to take out an identification card. Therefore, you should not forget to carry the U.S. or foreign passport, U.S. Driver’s License, green card, state ID, or any other personal documents as stated above.

Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Fees and Limits

The Walmart to Walmart money transfer fees range from $4 to $16, depending on the amount that you need to send. For amounts not exceeding $50, the transaction fee is $4. It increases to $8 for transfers between $50.01 and $1000. In order to transfer $1000.01 to $2500, you will have to cough $16. It is important to note that you can only send up to $2,500. The only exception is Arizona since its limit is $499 per transaction.

Walmart Money Transfer Tracking

For your peace of mind, Waltmart2Walmart money transfer allows you to track the progress of your transaction. You can easily do it online by logging onto Ria’s Track Transfer page. You can also make a call to Ria customer service. The number is (855) 355-2144, which allows you to not only track your transfer but also get support if a need arises. There is also a number that you can use to contact the Ria Fraud Department in the event that you suspect fraud. For such an issue, dial (855) 355-2145.

Walmart Money Sending and Receiving Hours

As far as the Walmart website is concerned, Money Centers are usually open between 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m. between Monday and Saturday. Sunday is an exception with opening hours being 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, that opening hours could be as early as 7:00 a.m. while closing hours can go up to 10:00 p.m. So, as long as the Money Center or the customer service desk is open, it is possible to receive or send money. Equally important, Walmart Money Centers are opened for shorter periods than the regular Walmart stores.

Age Requirements For Walmart Money Transfer

You must be 18 and above years if you want to use the Walmart To Walmart money transfer. To prove that, you must avail of a document that supports the claim. Your options include the U.S. or foreign passport, U.S. Driver’s License, green card, state ID, Naturalization and Immigrant Services ID Card, Military ID, Employment Authorization Card, Tribal ID, Temporary Resident Card, Mexican Metricula Consular and Mexican visa/Border Crossing Card.

Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Refunds Policy

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to have Walmart to Walmart transfer refunds. The most common is if the recipient takes too long to pick up the money. If he or she does not pick it up within 60 days, Ria will refund. In some cases, the hold period extends up to 90 days. You may also find a need to cancel the transaction. All you have to do is to call Ria and inform them about your intention. The contact number is (855) 355-2144, and don’t bother contacting Ria about a refund because such matters are not in its jurisdiction as far as the governance structure is to go by.

As you initiate the refund process, keep in mind that they can only help you if the recipient has not received the money. Otherwise, it will be impossible to edit or cancel the money transfer.

If you are lucky hence can manage to get a refund, you are not yet out of the woods. You will have to wait for between 2 and 10 business days after Ria has managed to get the money from the paying agent. So, it goes without saying that Ria will refund you using the method that you used, which is either cash or debit card. If the account you used is frozen, all is not lost.

 Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer  

Send money online with Walmart powered by MoneyGram

Once you want to send money to a country that is neither the United States nor Puerto Rico, Walmart powered by MoneyGram will help you do so online. It allows the transfer of money online to more than 200 countries and territories. However, this option is unavailable if you intend to transfer the money to a number of locations. They include Turkmenistan, Syria, Somalia, Solomon Islands, Qatar, North Korea, Nauru, Myanmar, Montenegro, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Kiribati, Iran, Eswatini, Cuba, Azerbaijan, and Andorra.

There are two ways of using Walmart powered by MoneyGram. You can choose to visit a store or do it online. Here is a discussion of the two methods.

Visiting the Store

If you go for this option, you can go to a MoneyGram agent or Walmart store. If you go for the latter, you are at liberty to settle for a customer service desk or a Money Center. Keep in mind that regardless of where you choose to carry out the transaction, you can only fund the transfer via a debit card or using cash. Equally important, carry your government issued ID or driver’s license. Feel free to carry a military ID, green card, U.S. or foreign passport, driver’s license, or State ID. Never forget that initiating the transfer on the Walmart mobile app before visiting the store always puts you at an advantage. Why is that the case? Once you have that part sorted out, you will skip the line, show the employee your ID and get the reference number right away.


In this case, you will have to visit the Walmart Money Transfers page. However, before you even do that, make sure that you have a MoneyGram account. Al that you need to get one is an email address. The other important thing is the password. Your options or funding the transfer are a credit debit card that can either be Visa or MasterCard. For U.S. residents, it is also possible to use a U.S. checking account. If you settle for a checking account, you will have to enter the U.S. driver’s license number. So, if you don’t have one, then you better stick to the credit or debit card option. Keep in mind that using the credit or debit card is relatively expensive.

Regardless of the method that you use, keep this in mind. Ensure that the recipient’s name you give matches the one on his or her ID.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Many first time users and even customers find themselves stranded regarding some issues. In most cases, they are the same issues being experienced by various people. Let’s take a look at some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Walmart to Walmart’s money transfer.

How To Send money online with Walmart Powered by RIA

As long as you are using Walmart, you cannot use RIA without visiting the Walmart Store or Money Center. However, it helps you initiate a transfer via the Walmart App. As discussed earlier, that comes with benefits.

Can you do a Walmart to Walmart’s money transfer online?

Yes. Walmart introduced online money transfers for both domestic and international transfers. Going online way really helped users as far as long Ques and wastage of time is concerned. These transactions are either conducted through Walmart app or online desktop. Note that Walmart’s online desktop is in partnership with RIA and money grams for smooth services.

Can you pick up money from Walmart without an ID?

Yes, it is possible to pick up money from Walmart without an ID. However, you will need a document that can identify you and, at the same time, prove that the age is 18 years and above. Your other options are the U.S. or foreign passport, U.S. Driver’s License, green card, Naturalization, and Immigrant Services ID Card, Military ID, Employment Authorization Card, Tribal ID, Temporary Resident Card, Mexican Metricula Consular and Mexican visa/Border Crossing Card.

Is Walmart to Walmart traceable?

Yes, Walmart to Walmart is traceable. That’s because you will always provide an identification document when making a transfer. In addition to that, the recipient will provide the same before receiving the cash. So, Walmart to Walmart is traceable following the details of the documents provided during the two instances.

Traceable could also mean tracking progress. In that case, the answer is also yes. You can easily track your Walmart to Walmart transaction. You can do that online using the reference number or by using the available contacts to reach out to the customer care service employees.

However, keep in mind that the money starts reflecting after 10 minutes. So, it would be uncalled for to start panicking simply because the person you sent the money to is yet to receive it a minute after the transaction.

How many digits are there in a Walmart to Walmart tracking number?

Walmart to Walmart tracking number has nine digits. It is important to differentiate it from the reference number, which has eight digits. Equally important, you might come across an 8-digit tracking number. When can you find yourself dealing with an eight-digit tracking number? Once you should send money internationally via Walmart, you will find a difference because you will find an 8-digit tracking number since you will be using MoneyGram.

What is the maximum amount of money you can send via Walmart to Walmart?

You can send up to$2500 via Walmart to Walmart. However, if you reside in Arizona, the maximum amount that you can send is $499 for every transaction.

What is the time limit for picking up cash from a Walmart to Walmart transfer?

The money sent can be available to the recipient ten minutes after the sender sends them. So, it is possible to pick them after that period. If, due to unavoidable circumstances, you can’t manage to pick the cash, no need to panic. All you have to do is to ensure that you pick it up within 60 days from the money transfer date. Once that period lapses, then you leave Ria with no other option but to send it back to the sender.

Do I need an ID to send money Walmart to Walmart?

To some extent, yes. It is important to carry an ID if you want to send money via Walmart to Walmart money transfer. That’s because the only people eligible to use this service are those aged 18 and above. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing that you can use to prove that. You can as well carry the U.S. or foreign passport, U.S. Driver’s License, green card, state ID, Naturalization and Immigrant Services ID Card, Military ID, Employment Authorization Card, Tribal ID, Temporary Resident Card, Mexican Metricula Consular or a Mexican visa/Border Crossing Card. The bottom line is that having either of the above-mentioned document is as important as carrying an ID.

Final Recap

We hope that the above discussion has shed light regarding the Walmart to Walmart’s Money Transfer. It has discussed the various ways of sending money using Walmart, which are MoneyGram transfers and the Walmart to Walmart money transfers. It has gone further to explain when each one is appropriate and how to go about it. Depending on the options that you go for, you also have an idea of the payment options that you can use. The answers to frequently asked questions about Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer are also at your disposal.

So, you are equipped for a great, reliable, and easy money transfer method regardless of whether you want to send money internationally or domestically.

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