Where Can I Withdraw Money from My Netspend Card for Free

Withdrawal fees are a major worry for individuals with money in financial institutions. Nobody wants to spend so much money on withdrawals because they risk losing a lot of money over time. Financial institutions generate income from withdrawal fees on each transaction thus incurring withdrawal charges. The same applies to Netspend customers. 

Where can I withdraw money from my Netspend card for free? This is an excellent question since we should prevent needless expenses at all times. There are a number of banks and financial organizations that impose no fees when you use their ATMs. In this article, we have explained more about how to withdraw money free of charge from your Netspend card. If you want to know more, read through to the end. 

How to Avoid ATM Withdrawal Fees for Netspend Card?

Everyone nowadays wants to save money, particularly during transaction times. So, looking for charge-free money withdrawal is obvious. However, most ATMs have some fees when withdrawing money. To avoid the inconveniences of withdrawal charges, we have come up with simple technique on how to avoid ATM withdrawal fees for netspend card. 

If you want to avoid ATM withdrawal fees, you can opt for the cashback technique. This method allows you to withdraw money with no ATM fees. You can also use MetaBank to withdraw from its ATMs which do not charge you. You will only pay the normal charges per transaction. Another option you can use is a MoneyPass Netspend card to withdraw from MoneyPass ATMs for free. The final technique you can use is the Visa Plus Alliance ATM. In our page below, we have discussed more about these techniques.

Places to Withdraw Money From a Netspend Card For Free

Netspend imposes a fee for ATM and over-the-counter withdrawals. However, if you are looking to save money using Netspend, you may make use of the free methods. Here are places for avoiding costs at Netspend.

1. MetaBank ATMs

You may get a free withdrawal anywhere you find a ATMs with “Privilege Status” badge. Here, you will be able to make surcharge-free money withdrawals for Netspend card. The Bank is a Netspend-affiliated institution. So, if you want to save some cash when withdrawing, use the MetaBank ATMs.

2. MoneyPass ATMs

If you have a MoneyPass Netspend ATM card, you may then use MoneyPass ATMs for free. It is one of the country’s biggest surcharge-free networks. MoneyPass offers qualified cardholders a surcharge-free ATM experience. This is available in a variety of convenient locations in the United States. You may get a free ATM money withdraw for Netspend card by utilizing a MoneyPass ATM. The MoneyPass ATM finder will assist you in locating the nearest ATM. This is an app that helps you to find the ATM.

3. Visa Plus Alliance ATMs

The Visa plus Alliance is a cardholder network that provides a surcharge-free ATM. It collaborates with several financial institutions to provide several benefits to its customers. Such benefits include complimentary ATM withdrawals. 

Netspend card is compatible with Visa Plus Alliance ATMs, and money withdrawals are free. Their ATMs are across Costco, CVS, Bilo, GetGo, Winn Dixie, and Target, and some Walgreens stores. 

4. From Retail Locations and Grocery shop

You may use the Cash Back method to withdraw without ATM charges from retail locations and grocery shops. It is arguably that this is the easiest way to withdraw funds from your Netspend card without charges. Although not all places allow cashback withdrawals, most retail locations and grocery shops will enable you to add cash back after you buy. 

Not only will you get cash in hand, but your transaction will also be free of ATM fees. Note that most stores will restrict the amount of cash you may withdraw. So, inquire about the cash restrictions at the locations where you make a lot of transactions. This allows you to plan ahead and ensure that you have cash on hand when you need it.

5. Withdraw At Walmart

You can withdraw cash from your Netspend account using your card. All you need to do is to buy at Walmart using your Netspend card. After buying, you can now request cash back at the self-checkout or cashier. You may earn cash back at any shop without paying a charge when you use your Netspend card. If you have a pay-as-you-go plan, debit purchases will incur a cost of between $1 and $2. However, if you are on a monthly plan, you will get a waiver. You will be eligible for cashback from Walmart up to $100 at the cashier and $60 at the self-checkout.

How to Find a Surcharge-Free ATM near me For Withdraw Money from Netspend Card?

You can withdraw money using the Netspend ATM without paying. However, how to find it may be a headache for many people. Fortunately, you can now use the ATM locator app to find the ATM available in your location.

How Much Can I Withdraw From the Netspend card ?

It is critical to understand how much money you can withdraw from your Netspend account as it prevents you from some unnecessary discomfort. You may withdraw up to six times per day from ATMs with a daily maximum withdrawal limit of $940. Note that the limits vary per ATM service provider. So, it is critical to verify them before starting any transaction. You can withdraw from a Netspend Reload Network or a financial institution. But note that the maximum withdrawal is $5,000 per day.

How to Withdraw Large Amounts From a Netspend card?

To withdraw large amounts from Netspend Card, you must use all withdrawal methods. Netspend does not allow one to withdraw large amounts of money in a single transaction. As a result, you should experiment with various methods of cash withdrawal. Some of the methods that you can use include ATMs, banks, credit unions, and retail shops.

Netspend restricts ATM withdrawals to $325 per transaction. However, we have the daily maximum being $940. Thus, by completing three ATM purchases, you may get $940 off your Netspend card. Here are the steps you can follow to withdraw money from your Netspend Card.

  1. Make your way to a MoneyPass ATM.
  2. Please insert the Netspend card.
  3. Withdraw three times and you will have $940 in cash.
  4. Then go to a local bank and make an opportunistic withdrawal. You will receive a $4,999.99 credit on your account.
  5. Now, locate a Walmart in your area.
  6. Select a product to buy.
  7. Proceed to the self-checkout station and select the $100 cashback option.
  8. Enter the PIN for your Netspend card and collect the $100 in cash.

This enables us to quickly make big withdrawals from our Netspend prepaid cards. However, Netspend may restrict your withdrawals to lesser amounts based on account history. Your identity verification may also limit the number of times you can withdraw. Besides, your transactions may get rejected if Netspend does not allow large withdrawals.

So, visit MoneyPass ATM since this network’s ATMs do not levy surcharge fees. It is free to withdraw money from any MoneyPass ATM using a Netspend Card. However, it charges a cost of $2.50 for each withdrawal that you cannot avoid. For example, if you want to withdraw $940 using your prepaid card, you must make three withdrawals. You will incur a $7.50 charge for the three.

How Much Does Netspend Charge to Withdraw Money?

Netspend costs customers $2.50 for domestic ATM cash withdrawals. This does not include the extra ATM transaction charge, which typically ranges from $2 to $5. This ATM transaction also depends on the ATM location. If you withdraw money from a foreign ATM, you will pay $4.95 in addition to the ATM’s transaction cost. 

So, you need to confirm which ATM you are using and how much they charge. However, you can use the available methods to withdraw your money without paying. Note that the free withdrawal has limits that you need to familiarize yourself with.

How To Add Money My Netspend Card?

If you are wondering how to top up your Netspend account, then you are at the right place. Below are some of the legitimate methods of depositing funds into your account. 

  1. Use the deposit direct : Direct deposits allow you to receive funds directly into your account. It is an option that allows you to request that your company pay you straight into your account. For the government beneficiary, you can request direct deposits into your account. Additionally, you may connect your card to a bank account. This will allow you to move funds from your bank account to your Netspend account as needed.
  2. At reloading locations : There are hundreds of refill stations located across the nation. So, you can visit them and reload your Netspend account. You need simply to visit such locations with cash in hand. When you arrive at this place, request the cashiers to load the funds for you.
  3. Collect money from friends : You can also load your Netspend account through your friends. Netspend enables person-to-person money transfers. This means another Netspend user may send money to your account by your agreements. It may be in the form of payment for services provided or in the form of monetary exchange. 
  4. Mobile Check Deposits :Netspend enables you to deposit checks electronically. Once you deposit the check and it is successfully processed, the money gets credited. To deposit a check online, you must photograph both the front and back of the check. Additionally, you should sign the check’s reverse.


Can someone else use my Netspend card?

Yes. If you share your PIN with someone else, they may use the card to withdraw money from an ATM. They can also use it to pay for products and services in shops. So, you must ensure that your card is fully safeguarded with a PIN. If someone obtains your card, they can make online payments. All they need from the card is the card number and security code. This involves buying items or paying for services. You will only realize when the account becomes empty. 

What should I do when I lose my Netspend card?

If you realize you have already misplaced your Netspend card, call customer service. You may report to them by directly contacting them. Also, you can report the problem online by logging into your account. They then secure the card, preventing it from malicious usage in any manner by anybody else. If you do not act urgently, you risk losing your money. The worst case is when the card falls on a malevolent individual. So, ensure that you are extremely cautious when storing your card. And most importantly when you misplace it, call customer service to lock the card for you.

Bottom line

If you like cutting expenses, then Netspend has some methods that can help you reduce the cost. You may withdraw money for free at Netspend-approved ATM locations. They include MetaBank and MoneyPass, among others. Also, you may use indirect methods to transfer money to a buddy for currency exchange to avoid costs. This will ultimately help you save money.

So, if you are looking for some of the ATMs that support free withdrawal, use the ATM locator. You need to be cautious with where you store your Netspend card. This is because if you misplace it, someone may use it to pay online. If you misplace your Netspend card, you must contact Netspend customer service immediately.

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